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Crimes of Fashion (Part 1) – ENG

Crimes of Fashion (Part 1) – ENG Plot: Orphaned Brooke (Kaley Cuoco), is a student at a fashion school who hopes to become a fashion designer. Her mob boss grandfather, whom she had never met, dies and leaves her his estate and the ownership of the family crime syndicate, which is trying to adapt to legitimacy. A […]

Teens Arrested For “Thought Crimes”! Police State/Big Brother

The Future is NOW, and if this story doesn’t concern you, you’re simply not paying attention. We’ve crossed the threshold into a Brave New World where citizens no longer have to actually commit a crime to be arrested. Now, if the authorities deem that you are even “thinking” about what they perceive as a “crime”, […]

Teacher Arrested On Child Porn Charges

May 14, 2009 Chris Dietz