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HDZ – Criminal Dayz (SOLD)

HDZ – Criminal Dayz old school hip hop instrumental (sorry for quality) This beat is for sale: exlusive 40$ non exlusive 20$ or contact me ( Sphere: Related Content

Teens Arrested For “Thought Crimes”! Police State/Big Brother

The Future is NOW, and if this story doesn’t concern you, you’re simply not paying attention. We’ve crossed the threshold into a Brave New World where citizens no longer have to actually commit a crime to be arrested. Now, if the authorities deem that you are even “thinking” about what they perceive as a “crime”, […]

Faith Schools And Children’s Rights

Science & Reason on Facebook: Faith Schools And Children’s Rights – Richard Dawkins @ The Big Debate (BBC). — Please subscribe to Science & Reason: • • • • — Jonathan Dimbleby and a panel of experts come together to debate the controversial subject of religion in Britain’s schools. The role of religion in education is […]

Crime of the Century

SHOREWOOD, Wisconsin. Last March, a student, was fasting, and could not eat meat, so gave his chicken nuggets, to his 15 year old friend, who was then arrested for stealing them. From the school website, “Learn More About Our Award Winning School District The School District of Shorewood fosters a love of learning and the […]