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Hate crime Racist Black youths beat up White boy at school bus stop YouTube

Hate crime: Racist Black youths beat up White boy at school bus stop

At 1:23 the reporter says they yelled racial slurs. Three Brevard County teenagers are accused of tormenting an autistic child at a school bus stop. The incident happened on Friday in Palm Bay. One of the suspects, Deon Glipsy, is charged with battery, accused of striking the 15-year-old victim in the face. Glipsy, along with [...]

Hate crime Racist Black youths beat up White boy at school bus stop

Open your eyes to all the hate on white’s people…..

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Texas Police Fine Bullied Girl In School

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Blacks beat up White man for not letting them cut in line, no hate crime there 19 year old Maurice Gibbs was a football star at McKinley High School in Buffalo. He went off to Alfred State College to continue his football career, but around 2:30am on October 10th he was among eight people allegedly involved in beating a customer who refused to give up his spot in line at [...]

Imprisoned (Jim Jarmusch tribute)

A young boy is released out of juvenile prison, but doesn’t feel as free as he thought he would be. It’s about difficulties that can occur within family relations. About difficulties regarding communication. And about the conflicts with personal freedom and the ability to find inner peace. It’s a very slow-paced, minimalistic, silent short drama [...]

Black & Dangerous (Part 1 of 4): Black Male Stereotypes & Weapons Detection

A Stanford University Psychologist addresses the Harvard University Law School where she describes several experiments that suggest White males & police officers subconsciously perceive Black Males as criminal and less than human. The results provide evidence of a strong automatic bidirectional association between Blacks & Crime. The image of a Black male can trigger unconscious [...]

Mother And Daughter Arrested For Beating Up Black School Teacher

Will Black on Asian hate crime violence stop at South Philly High? The principal of South Philadelphia High School has announced steps to address safety concerns at the school. The announcement comes in response to recent attacks on Asian-American students. Those students say African-American students have been targeting them because of their race. As many as 50 Asian-American students have boycotted class this week. They [...]

hate crime or was this gang related

why are kids so violent today? and why is this made out to be a racial attack? if it was racial why didnt they attack the white kid who was filming the fight?! the kid who filmed this said it was a planned fight to be put on myspace! he also said he didn’t hear [...]