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Robber Instantly becomes a Paraplegic during Robbery gone Wrong …

Robber Instantly becomes a Paraplegic during Robbery gone Wrong..(Later Died in Hospital, Security Guard Died on the Spot) Sphere: Related Content

AMAZING: 65 Year Old CA Woman Shoots and Fights Off FIVE Armed Robbers

More info here:

What If I miss my DUI School Class?

Orlando DUI Attorney Website Google Places/ Missing a DUI school The Umansky Law Firm 1945 East Michigan Street Orlando, FL 32806 (407)228-3838 Sphere: Related Content

Attack Dogs used on a High School Walkout in MD, Four Students Charged With “Thought Crimes”

School for Scoundrels: Doing Time in Prison Prep School

Advising panicky white-collar criminals on what life is like behind bars is a bull-market business, what with all the arrests on Wall Street for insider trading. Michael Rothfeld has details on Lunch Break. Sphere: Related Content

Chardon Ohio High School Shooting Suspect in Police Custody-2 dead

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: 2nd victim died from the shooting. 2/28/12 *My Heart goes out to all that are hurt in this tragedy.* (CNN) — A teenager suspected of spraying an Ohio high school cafeteria with bullets — killing one student and wounding four — is distraught and remorseful, his lawyer said. Authorities have yet to name the teen shooter arrested in […]

Changes in a Flash

A youth film made for Be Safe Be Well and PSNI. The content looks at anti-social behaviour its causes and effects. This film is distrubted across Northern Ireland schools and education boards by PSNI. MUSIC BY FINE LINES. Sphere: Related Content

Fist fight with father

Angry father beats his son in the school office.

Helpless Asian man attacked and jumped by 7 others behind school

Kids getting arrested : Story told by someone who knows them : _______________ More News On the Kids : Todd Ramos ( grey/black hoodie ) Raymond Palomino ( white boy / no mask ) Wesley Wu ( Grey hoodie, guy who did most of the beating ) Easley Wu ( big puffy […]

CRAZY:(UPDATE) Caught On Tape Officer vs GANGSTA Thug In FIGHT BRAWL

CRAZY: (UPDATE) Caught On Tape Officer vs GANGSTA Thug In FIGHT BRAWL Sphere: Related Content