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School Police: Creating Criminals by Design

Lately, we are seeing more and more stories of children as young as 6 being ticketed and even arrested at school for what would previously have been considered engaging in normal, if unruly, childhood behaviour. This is the result of a multi-pronged approach, implemented in the name of safety, designed to dumb-down, criminalize, subjugate, and […]

22 Year Old Man With Down Syndrome Beaten By The Police For Bulge In Pants

Camron 2009 Crime Pays!! “just chill” instrumental beat by young balla aka kevin-aye

now Copyrighted this beat is for all those pepole who got stress at work at school with family or whatever close your eyes and just chill camron instrumentals juelz santana jr. writer skull gang lil wayne dipset beat diplomats instrumental down and out killa cam epic muic sample fruity loops rap hip hop heatmakerz just […]

Kid Gets Busted For Upskirting Teacher

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