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Knife Crime – performed by Great Barr school drama students 2012

Using excellent drama performances to drive home the message that carrying a knife also carries very serious consequences for young people, their friends and their families. Sphere: Related Content

Attack Dogs used on a High School Walkout in MD, Four Students Charged With “Thought Crimes”

Bully beating Gay Student at School Hate Crime Caught on Tape News Story

Boy Assaults Gay Student as Cellphone Captures Attack on tape Bully Attacks Gay Student at High School wsyx wtte’ Mother Calls Son’s ‘Caught-on-Tape’ Beating a Hate Crime thoughts An Ohio high school student waited in a classroom to attack a 15-year-old gay classmate, beating him repeatedly in a vicious assault captured by a bystander on […]

Changes in a Flash

A youth film made for Be Safe Be Well and PSNI. The content looks at anti-social behaviour its causes and effects. This film is distrubted across Northern Ireland schools and education boards by PSNI. MUSIC BY FINE LINES. Sphere: Related Content

Utah Teen Arrested in Alleged School Bombing Plot — News Story

Roy High School Utah Teens Arrested In Alleged School Bombing Plot thoughts Utah teens arrested over alleged school bomb plot thoughts Reports say a Utah high school student bragged to police that he was smarter than the Columbine killers and was plotting with an older student to set off a bomb during a school assembly […]

Teacher Stabs Teacher With Screwdriver 16 Times at High School

12/16/11 | A high school English teacher is accused of violently stabbing a fellow teacher with a screwdriver on Thursday after a disagreement over a meeting, sending her to the hospital and causing a brief lockdown at the school. Police said Cynthia Glozier, 54, also an English teacher at Poughkeepsie High School, was stabbed 16 […]

Gangs in Schools – Cpl. Mike Rudinski

This is a presentation by Cpl. Mike Rudinski of the Hyattsville, Maryland Police Department about gangs in schools and some strategies for dealing with them. Sphere: Related Content

Bully beating gay student half to death at school ‘Caught-on-Tape’ is a Hate Crime. Follow me Please subscribe thanks! Link to video Sphere: Related Content

Public Banishment Order against Crimes of Church and State Issued at St. Michael’s Cathedral

TORONTO Friends & Relatives of the Disappeared display informational signs about genocide in Canada across the street from the St. Michael’s Catholic Cathedral. Carrie reads the ‘Public Banishment Order against Genocidal Churches Posted around the World’ and presents it to an official inside the Church as security calls the cops. Gary stays in front with […]

Atlanta Schools Cheating Scandal

Numerous teachers and principals in the Atlanta public school system were caught cheating to improve student scores on standardized tests in part for financial bonuses. Ana Kasparian and Michael Shure discuss. The Largest Online News Show in the World. Facebook: Subscribe: TYT Mobile: Twitter: FREE Movies(!): Read Ana’s blog […]