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Crimes of Fashion (Part 1) – ENG

Crimes of Fashion (Part 1) – ENG Plot: Orphaned Brooke (Kaley Cuoco), is a student at a fashion school who hopes to become a fashion designer. Her mob boss grandfather, whom she had never met, dies and leaves her his estate and the ownership of the family crime syndicate, which is trying to adapt to legitimacy. A […]

Teacher Stabs Teacher With Screwdriver 16 Times at High School

12/16/11 | A high school English teacher is accused of violently stabbing a fellow teacher with a screwdriver on Thursday after a disagreement over a meeting, sending her to the hospital and causing a brief lockdown at the school. Police said Cynthia Glozier, 54, also an English teacher at Poughkeepsie High School, was stabbed 16 […]

[Vietsub] 110621 Cube Family Crime Prevention – Middle School (Part 1)

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Renu, a school teacher is burnt alive by a priest – Episode 118

Shakti Anand narrates the story of a naive young girl named Renu who was a school teacher in the small town in Rajasthan. Renu was in love with a man named Jai Pratap Rathore. Jai took Renu to his home to introduce to her parents who readily accepted her. However, their family priest called Renu […]

Imprisoned (Jim Jarmusch tribute)

A young boy is released out of juvenile prison, but doesn’t feel as free as he thought he would be. It’s about difficulties that can occur within family relations. About difficulties regarding communication. And about the conflicts with personal freedom and the ability to find inner peace. It’s a very slow-paced, minimalistic, silent short drama […]

Youth Crime Prevention Program

Some parents just know how to raise their kids RIGHT! This thirteen year old cleared her own malfuntion without any intervention. Sorry guys, you'll have to wait about 15 years for this one. Sphere: Related Content

Anglia News Suffolk Teacher charged for removing pupil & Woman left dogs kennels

ITV Anglia News 23rd10th09 Suffolk Ipswich Teacher charged after removing pupil from class room Mr Becker. Woman charged after leaving dogs when on holiday. Norfolk Woman dies from Swine Flu. Royal Mali Post Strike. British GP at Silverstone hopes. Sphere: Related Content

Innovator’s Focus: Overt Drug Market Strategy Curbs Crime

The Overt Drug Market Strategy is a law enforcement/community partnership that collapses drug markets, reduces violence by directly engaging dealers and their families, creates predictable sanctions, and offers a range of services. The program, an initiative of High Point, North Carolina, is a 2007 Innovations in American Government Award winner. Sphere: Related Content