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What If I miss my DUI School Class?

Orlando DUI Attorney Website Link-www.thelawman.net Google Places/+-plus.google.com Missing a DUI school The Umansky Law Firm 1945 East Michigan Street Orlando, FL 32806 (407)228-3838 Sphere: Related Content

Hate crime: Racist Black youths beat up White boy at school bus stop

At 1:23 the reporter says they yelled racial slurs. Three Brevard County teenagers are accused of tormenting an autistic child at a school bus stop. The incident happened on Friday in Palm Bay. One of the suspects, Deon Glipsy, is charged with battery, accused of striking the 15-year-old victim in the face. Glipsy, along with […]

Bully: A True Story Of High School Revenge by Jim Schutez (Book Review)

I review a true crime novel called Bully: A True Story Of High School Revenge i was very hesitant to post this because i think it’s pretty horrible video and i sound a little nervous but i will see what you all think…. Please rate and comment! Thank You Sphere: Related Content

Skateboarding Is A Crime In Milton Florida

I was suspended for 30 days and threatened with arrest for skateboarding at a skate park. the park is free and unstaffed, and I have a waiver on file with the city, yet some security guard and a local cop take things to the next level. it was ridiculous and hilarious… Sphere: Related Content

4 Boys Rape A 13-Year-Old Boy With A Broom & Hockey Stick At School In Florida!

Channel 13 reports “ODESSA – It’s an unthinkable crime: four boys between the ages of 14 and 15 years old are accused of brutally assaulting a 13-year-old boy at school. Hillsborough Sheriff investigators say the attack happened at Walker Middle School in Odessa. Detectives say on April 30th, the boys attacked the victim in the school locker […]

Substitute Teacher Sex

A Pasco county, FL substitute teacher has been arrested, accused of having sex with a 17-year old student. Deputies say he was 16 when she began the affair. Sphere: Related Content

Student Stabbed at Coral Gables High School,Miami Florida

CORAL GABLES, Fla. (WSVN) — Officials are asking for calm while they investigate the stabbing death of a student at Coral Gables Sr. High School. “To the parents I understand the tragedy, I understand the anguish that we are all feeling at this point,” said Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho, as he urged for patience while police […]

Tampa teacher Arrested AGAIN!

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