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Crime Patrol – Road Side Romeo Raj Becomes A Trouble For Gia – Episode 77 – 20th January 2012

Gia a 15 year old girl residing in Kandiwali staying with his Mama and Nani use to not only handle his Mama’s estate business but also use to visit School but one fine day a major problem occurs as Gia complaints her Mama that a Road side Romeo named Raj residing in her complex teases […]

Principal Sexually Assaults A Teacher – Episode 117 – 8th June 2012

Teacher Mahima decides to take a leave of 1 month from Rajasthan Public School as she wanted to spend some time with her Daughter thus, she writes an application to PSChaudhary who is the Principal of Rajasthan Public School but a major trouble takes place as Principal reveals Mahima that if she wants a leave, […]

Happy Crime Time!

For VCE Legal Studies our assignment was to explain homicide in a way that children could understand. Sphere: Related Content

Crime Patrol – Innocent Child Mansi Gets Pregnant – Episode 109 – 11th May 2012

Innocent child Mansi was not only upset from since couple of days but she was afraid too later in the school, Mansi’s friend Gauri was shocked as Mansi reveals her that she is soon going to become a Mother thus Gauri reveals her parents and her parents visit Mansi’s School and reveals the whole incident […]

Crime Patrol – School Master And Kushti Player Jai Kumar – Episode 88 – 25th February 2012

Jai Kumar lived with his parents in Narnond, Hariyana, he was a school master who was on his way to School but fails to reach, as he gets murdered by 4 unknown villagers residing in the same village. Jai’s Parents were shocked as Cops inform them about his death later, Cops comes to know that […]

Fist fight with father

Angry father beats his son in the school office.

School Crime Ad

Don’t expect much, I didn’t put much time into it. I just wanted to do something with some extra footage. Expect more things of this sort. Sphere: Related Content

Tainted – Safe Schools 2011 Official Entry

Facebook: Twitter: @BeingOmerKhan It only takes one polluted idea to corrupt a whole world. Ancaster High’s official entry into the ‘Crime Stoppers – Safe Schools 2011’ competition (maximum of 2-minute time limit). Starring: Adil Kayani as Jabir Omer Khan as Raymon Ali Altoum as Gordie Ezzeddine Moussa as Ed Hisham Elsadek as Home Owner Directed & […]

MID: Murder Investigation Unit – Ep. 1 – Dead Music Blogger

When a murder strikes the music criticism scene in La Canada-Flintridge, it’s up to the elite MID investigators to crack the case. Are they up to the challenge? Sphere: Related Content

Metsäkankaan koulun rikos :D / Finnish school crime :D

Everything electronic was stolen. Kaikki elektroninen oli varastettu. Sphere: Related Content