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GOATS! If we can hit 20000 LIKES again it would mean the world to me! Thank you SO much for the support on the series so far Last weeks episode www.youtube.com Sphere: Related Content

GTPD Crime Stoppers- Attempted Burglary- Timber Creek High School 7-5-2012

Gloucester Township Police Crime Stoppers- Attempted Burglary- Timber Creek High School 501 Jarvis Road Erial, New Jersey. July 5, 2012 0039 Hrs (12:39am) Three unknown white males attempt to make entry into the school by throwing trash cans against the glass doors. All three attempt to cover… Sphere: Related Content

Remorse Part 1 of 2

A short movie done by high school students from Kosovo (American School of Kosova) Director: Adem Ramadani Roland Marmullakaj Sphere: Related Content

Teens Arrested For “Thought Crimes”! Police State/Big Brother

The Future is NOW, and if this story doesn’t concern you, you’re simply not paying attention. We’ve crossed the threshold into a Brave New World where citizens no longer have to actually commit a crime to be arrested. Now, if the authorities deem that you are even “thinking” about what they perceive as a “crime”, […]

Ohio school gunman arrest caught on camera

The suspect in a school shooting in Ohio is arrested by police after allegedly opening fire in Chardon High’s cafeteria, killing one student and wounding four others. Sphere: Related Content

Chardon Ohio High School Shooting Suspect in Police Custody-2 dead

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: 2nd victim died from the shooting. 2/28/12 *My Heart goes out to all that are hurt in this tragedy.* (CNN) — A teenager suspected of spraying an Ohio high school cafeteria with bullets — killing one student and wounding four — is distraught and remorseful, his lawyer said. Authorities have yet to name the teen shooter arrested in […]

GTPD Crime Stoppers- Theft of Gym Equipment- Highland High School 12-18-2011

Gloucester Township Police Crime Stoppers: On Sunday 12/18/11 at approximately 0839 hrs, gym equipment was stolen from outside Highland High School. The equipment was older and worn (Icarian, Nautilus, Ibex, and Hammer Strength). The equipment was placed close to the building so it would not be mistaken for garbage with plans to scrap the equipment […]

Tainted – Safe Schools 2011 Official Entry

Facebook: on.fb.me Twitter: @BeingOmerKhan It only takes one polluted idea to corrupt a whole world. Ancaster High’s official entry into the ‘Crime Stoppers – Safe Schools 2011’ competition (maximum of 2-minute time limit). Starring: Adil Kayani as Jabir Omer Khan as Raymon Ali Altoum as Gordie Ezzeddine Moussa as Ed Hisham Elsadek as Home Owner Directed & […]

Horrific Cop Car Chase Accident Crash Compilation High Speed Criminal Pursuit of Stolen Vehicles

Horrific Car Chase Accident Crash Compilation High Speed Pursuit of Stolen Vehicles Horrific Car Chase Crash Compilation High Speed Pursuit of Stolen Vehicles accident crashes auto police cars “car crash” accidents cop school fatal driver race into cops crashing collision alarm action traffic impact scene helicopter driving motorcycle safety highway chases “car chase” plane “plane […]

Uncut: Brutal Classroom Beating, Mother Calls ‘Hate Crime’

A Chillicothe mother is out for justice after her gay son is brutally beaten in at Union-Scioto High School, in front of his classmates by another student. One student recorded the incident on a cell phone. tinyurl.com Sphere: Related Content