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Remorse Part 1 of 2

A short movie done by high school students from Kosovo (American School of Kosova) Director: Adem Ramadani Roland Marmullakaj Sphere: Related Content

CAFR SCHOOL: Schools and Lottery (RIM of the World Unified School District Expose)

CAFR SCHOOL: School Districts And The Lottery (Rim of the World Unified School District) This is an advanced lesson in government corruption – in legal, organized crime. Covered here are the CAFR’s for the “Rim Of The World” school district in San Bernadino County, and for the California State Lottery. With this information, anyone should be able […]

Horrific Cop Car Chase Accident Crash Compilation High Speed Criminal Pursuit of Stolen Vehicles

Horrific Car Chase Accident Crash Compilation High Speed Pursuit of Stolen Vehicles Horrific Car Chase Crash Compilation High Speed Pursuit of Stolen Vehicles accident crashes auto police cars “car crash” accidents cop school fatal driver race into cops crashing collision alarm action traffic impact scene helicopter driving motorcycle safety highway chases “car chase” plane “plane […]

Supertramp – Crime of the Century – School (Album song with lyrics)

It’s my first video of this kind. I was searching for the original album song with lyrics and I couldn’t find one, so I made it. Please, enjoy. PS. I do not own neither the copyrights of this song nor the copyrights of most of the images embedded to it, except three of them, which […]

Public Banishment Order against Crimes of Church and State Issued at St. Michael’s Cathedral

TORONTO Friends & Relatives of the Disappeared display informational signs about genocide in Canada across the street from the St. Michael’s Catholic Cathedral. Carrie reads the ‘Public Banishment Order against Genocidal Churches Posted around the World’ and presents it to an official inside the Church as security calls the cops. Gary stays in front with […]

Crime of the Century

A music video set to the music of Crime of the Century by Supertramp. ‘A seven-minute glimpse of shocking reality, that seems to transcend time from a post-apocalyptic world, using fantasy and reality, combined to create an alternate future. A summary of the political and post-millennial world in which we all live in, a reminder […]

Cult leadership and The International School of Crime

spoof of online colleges.the true growth industry of the 21st centery .turn that creepy charm and charisma into a brand new career. Sphere: Related Content

Get Answers For Victims+Prevent Violence-Anonymous Tips-Toronto Crime Stoppers Founder Gary Grant

Retired Toronto Police Service Staff/Supt Gary Grant speaks to Toronto Crime Stoppers Youth Officer Constable Scott Mills at the Insurance Brokers of Toronto Region (IBTR) luncheon during “Crime Stoppers Month 2010” January 26, 2010. In 2009, Toronto Crime Stoppers set an all time record number of tips into the program with 10300 anonymous tips received. […]

Bounty Killer – Mi Enemies (Crime Scene Riddim) August 2009


Hashim (Al-Naafiysh) “Crime Of Passion” Soft Touch Electro Freestyle Old School 12″

A TRUE long lost classic for all the Hashim fans. Gerry Calliste Jr produced the beat in “Crime Of Passion” by Soft Touch on Cutting Records CR-206 1985 Sphere: Related Content