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Crime Patrol – Road Side Romeo Raj Becomes A Trouble For Gia – Episode 77 – 20th January 2012

Gia a 15 year old girl residing in Kandiwali staying with his Mama and Nani use to not only handle his Mama’s estate business but also use to visit School but one fine day a major problem occurs as Gia complaints her Mama that a Road side Romeo named Raj residing in her complex teases […]

Principal Sexually Assaults A Teacher – Episode 117 – 8th June 2012

Teacher Mahima decides to take a leave of 1 month from Rajasthan Public School as she wanted to spend some time with her Daughter thus, she writes an application to PSChaudhary who is the Principal of Rajasthan Public School but a major trouble takes place as Principal reveals Mahima that if she wants a leave, […]

Crime Patrol – Innocent Child Mansi Gets Pregnant – Episode 109 – 11th May 2012

Innocent child Mansi was not only upset from since couple of days but she was afraid too later in the school, Mansi’s friend Gauri was shocked as Mansi reveals her that she is soon going to become a Mother thus Gauri reveals her parents and her parents visit Mansi’s School and reveals the whole incident […]

Crime Patrol – School Master And Kushti Player Jai Kumar – Episode 88 – 25th February 2012

Jai Kumar lived with his parents in Narnond, Hariyana, he was a school master who was on his way to School but fails to reach, as he gets murdered by 4 unknown villagers residing in the same village. Jai’s Parents were shocked as Cops inform them about his death later, Cops comes to know that […]

Crime Patrol – Episode 32 – Part 2 of 3

Ghaziabad Police nabs two culprits who were involved in making guns and rifles without a license. In Uttar Pradesh, a 13 years old boy, Manish is mysteriously abducted while on his way to school. CRIME PATROL is a reality series. However the case presentation would be a story telling form that would have the interest […]

Crime Patrol – Teenager Sohail Gets Murdered – Episode 17 – 24th June 2011

Sohail who is a teenager lived happily with his family in Merrut (UP) . He wanted to become an Engineer but he was unable to focus as his mind was diverted some where else. Sohail was irregular in attending his classes. On 20, February 2010 he goes missing, his father who is a bank manager […]

Crime Patrol – Darshan Gets Killed By His Cousins – Episode 4 – 7th May 2011

Darshan use to stay with his siblings in Uttar Pradesh, Talkatora, Santosh Nagar. He received call from BGChaudhary that he forgot his photo on borad exam form and urged him to reach fast near the bus stand. Darshan reaches bus stop and never returns back. Darshan’s parents informs cops and they visit his school. Darshan’s […]

Crime Patrol – Episode 26 – Full Episode

Mumbai based Quick Response Team performs a mock drill operation, where a school bus full of students is hijacked by a group of terrorists. In Bhopal, Bansal School of Science and Technology, a first year student becomes the victim of ragging. Delhi Police gets hold of a Nigerian national living on expired visa and involved […]

Renu, a school teacher is burnt alive by a priest – Episode 118

Shakti Anand narrates the story of a naive young girl named Renu who was a school teacher in the small town in Rajasthan. Renu was in love with a man named Jai Pratap Rathore. Jai took Renu to his home to introduce to her parents who readily accepted her. However, their family priest called Renu […]

Bounty Killer – Mi Enemies (Crime Scene Riddim) August 2009