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Roger Hodgson – School – Lucca 2012

Live at Lucca Summer Festival, 18.07.2012. Set List: 1. Take the Long Way Home (Supertramp song) (Composer Roger Hodgson) 2. School (Supertramp song) (Composer Roger Hodgson) 3. In Jeopardy (Composer Roger Hodgson) 4. Lovers in the Wind (Composer Roger Hodgson) 5. Hide in Your Shell (Supertramp song) (Composer Roger Hodgson) 6. Easy Does It […]

Supertramp – Crime of the Century – School (Album song with lyrics)

It’s my first video of this kind. I was searching for the original album song with lyrics and I couldn’t find one, so I made it. Please, enjoy. PS. I do not own neither the copyrights of this song nor the copyrights of most of the images embedded to it, except three of them, which […]

Supertramp – School (Lyrics) HD

School with Supertramp and lyrics in full HD (1080p) Thanks to JoshPod001!

Supertramp – School (Live Munich 1983) 11/12

Supertramp, Live in Munich, 1983 complete with Roger Hodgson, Rick Davies, Dougie Thompson, John Helliwell, Bob C. Benberg (Siebenberg) Sphere: Related Content

Supertramp – School (with lyrics on screen!)

Supertramp with School! DISCLAIMER: I do not own this song nor Supertramp. All right reserved to Supertramp. Sphere: Related Content

Supertramp – 2 More Songs (live in Munich, Germany – 1983)

The first song is “School”, and it is my tip of the hat to Robert Wanek. “Crime Of The Century” is the second song, and it’s dedicated to those that believe man walked on the moon, those that believe JFK, RFK & MLK were killed by ‘lone nut’ assassins, and those that believe that arabs […]

Supertramp – Crime of the century (Lyrics)

Supertramp’s Crime of the Century with lyrics.

Supertramp – School – ZZOOMM

Crime of the Century

A music video set to the music of Crime of the Century by Supertramp. ‘A seven-minute glimpse of shocking reality, that seems to transcend time from a post-apocalyptic world, using fantasy and reality, combined to create an alternate future. A summary of the political and post-millennial world in which we all live in, a reminder […]

School Roger Hodgson singer songwriter

School composed & written by Roger Hodgson from the Crime of the Century album. You can see School performed live on Rogers 2010 World Tour go to his website tour page for up to date concert information. Roger Hodgson is recognized as one of the most gifted composers, songwriters and lyricists of our time! As […]