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Grandmother bullied to tears – school bus aide

“Part 2) Baiting The Bus Monitor (Karen Klein) ” www.youtube.com Photo: img822.imageshack.us www.greece.k12.ny.us www.nydailynews.com Greece Athena Middle School students abuse bus driver www.13wham.com www.facebook.com Boys on a school bus make fun of a woman’s appearance & we get angry. Sharon Osbourne goes on the radio & makes fun of a woman’s appearance & we continue […]

Bully beating Gay Student at School Hate Crime Caught on Tape News Story

Boy Assaults Gay Student as Cellphone Captures Attack on tape Bully Attacks Gay Student at High School wsyx wtte’ Mother Calls Son’s ‘Caught-on-Tape’ Beating a Hate Crime thoughts An Ohio high school student waited in a classroom to attack a 15-year-old gay classmate, beating him repeatedly in a vicious assault captured by a bystander on […]

Teacher Stabs Teacher With Screwdriver 16 Times at High School

12/16/11 | A high school English teacher is accused of violently stabbing a fellow teacher with a screwdriver on Thursday after a disagreement over a meeting, sending her to the hospital and causing a brief lockdown at the school. Police said Cynthia Glozier, 54, also an English teacher at Poughkeepsie High School, was stabbed 16 […]

Gangs in Schools – Cpl. Mike Rudinski

This is a presentation by Cpl. Mike Rudinski of the Hyattsville, Maryland Police Department about gangs in schools and some strategies for dealing with them. Sphere: Related Content

Teacher Caught on Tape Bullying Special Needs Student [OFFICIAL]

Imagine no one, not even your parents, believing you after you claimed you were bullied at school. That’s what one student at Bankbridge Regional School in Gloucester County, NJ, says happened to him. So he decided to take things into his own hands and videotape the bully who happened to hold an important position; he […]

Bully beating gay student half to death at school ‘Caught-on-Tape’ is a Hate Crime.

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Mexican teacher of a kindergarten calms her young students in the middle of a shootout

May 27, 2011 Mexican teacher of a kindergarten calms her young students in the middle of a shootout this happened when a mexican crime organization killed five people in a shootout near by the school. Estanzulea, Monterrey NL, México. abcnews.go.com Sphere: Related Content

Violence In Schools / Educational Documentary Video

Comprehensive Framework For School Safety / Educational Documentary Video. Public domain video. Sphere: Related Content

Look East Amy Winehouse fined & Police officer charged & Southend Airport & Tributes to teacher

BBC Look East News 20/1/10 Milton Keynes Theatre Amy Winehouse fined. Southend Police officer charged. Southend Airport Runway. Norfolk Norwich Tributes to school teacher Costessy High. Suffolk Facebook burglar. Mobile phone Bus booking. Norfolk Princess Anne visit Pony. Sphere: Related Content

Creepy, weird hippie yoga teacher / farmer

Meet this creepy yoga teacher, Yogi Oki-Doki, who wears ugly clothes and lives on a farm with Rasta, a Jamaican 7 foot rooster (Cock or Gallus Gallus), and a talking cow called Alandal(??)(Is that right? It’s maybe called Halandal. However Rasta calls it Sister moocow. I don’t know.) Yogi Oki-Doki is a creepy dude who […]