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Teens Arrested For “Thought Crimes”! Police State/Big Brother

The Future is NOW, and if this story doesn’t concern you, you’re simply not paying attention. We’ve crossed the threshold into a Brave New World where citizens no longer have to actually commit a crime to be arrested. Now, if the authorities deem that you are even “thinking” about what they perceive as a “crime”, […]

School Shooting – Foster The People – Pumped up Kicks

Nobody watches anyway

Teacher Stabs Teacher With Screwdriver 16 Times at High School

12/16/11 | A high school English teacher is accused of violently stabbing a fellow teacher with a screwdriver on Thursday after a disagreement over a meeting, sending her to the hospital and causing a brief lockdown at the school. Police said Cynthia Glozier, 54, also an English teacher at Poughkeepsie High School, was stabbed 16 […]

Media Violence: A Cause for Real Crime?

About The Columbine High School attack and how the exposure to violent media can trigger these actions, and could potentially effect our public health. Sphere: Related Content

Rhythm Turner : Hate Crime Survivor

After a gig in Mission Beach on May 14th, 25 year old San Diego musician Rhythm Turner was victim to a brutal attack by a man whose motivations were based in homophobia, leaving Rhythm with two very serious facial fractures and the inability to perform musically. The attacker was arrested for felony assault, but is […]

Is School Bullying A Crime?

Asians attacked at a Philadelphia high school, no hate crime here

In Philadelphia (the city of brotherly love), Pennsylvania, at South Philadelphia High School, recently (December 3rd, 2009), there was a hate crime that was not a hate crime. Huh? According to an article appearing in The Dallas Morning News, reprinted from The Associated Press, around 70 mostly black students attacked 35 Asian students at the […]

Real-Life High School Musical

After several of his students died from gang violence, LA drama teacher Jamal Speakes set out to produce a play which would inspire all. Bill Whitaker reports on this teacher’s “American Spirit.” Sphere: Related Content

Providence teen spurred to crime fighting

16-year-old Ryan Irons not only proposed a law to fight crime & increase safety, he’s now determined to become a police officer to continue the fight. Sphere: Related Content

GTA Police+Crime Stoppers+Soaker Fire Truck-’08 Pride Parade

2008 Pride Parade Fire Truck Soaks Onlookers on top of Yonge St Buildings-Toronto, ON Canada. Video shows Greater Toronto Area police services, Toronto Crime Stoppers and the Toronto Fire Department marching in the 2008 Pride Parade. Crime Stoppers Partner With RHVP-Report Homophobic Violence, Period(RHVP) by Louis Tam – courtesy of The Toronto Police Service’s Community Mobilization […]