11 Year-Old Girl Sent to Criminal Court for Wearing Too Much Perfume in Class, $150 Fine!

Daily News @ RevolutionNews.US — (AUSTIN, TX) If you disrupted class or used profanity back in school, you were probably sent to the principal’s office. Today in Texas, more students are being sent to criminal court instead. Last February a student at Fulmore Middle School says she received a ticket for “disruption of class” after spraying perfume on herself. “I didn’t do anything wrong,” said 13-year-old Sarah, who was in the sixth grade at the time she was ticketed. “I thought I didn’t smell good and the next thing you know, the whole class complains for no reason.” Sarah said her teacher took her out of class and told an officer assigned to the school that she was being disruptive. Sarah said that she had been the victim of bullying by some of the same students since the second grade. The ticket carried the weight of a Class C misdemeanor and called for a 0 fine. Sarah’s attorney said the tickets are common in Texas and believes they send the wrong message. “We’re basically criminalizing school discipline,” said Kady Simkins of Advocacy Inc. “Things that you or I would have been sent to the principal’s office for, a child may receive a ticket for, and they end up in the criminal justice system very, very young.” Sarah’s mother could not understand why the officer would have written a ticket, since he was not in Sarah’s class when the alleged disruption occurred. “I think it’s wrong,” said Sarah’s mother, Jennifer. “If you don’t see it, how could you say she 

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25 responses to “11 Year-Old Girl Sent to Criminal Court for Wearing Too Much Perfume in Class, $150 Fine!”

  1. Oceanno69

    America is gone!

  2. JenQ4321

    So sad..

  3. ShenMerrick

    @hatchetgrrl Its not down with the states, its just time to use the second amendment. It was put there so we can kill off politicians that start doing shit like this. We need the citizens of the individual states to clean out the corrupt politicians. Individual states rights is the only reason this hasn’t become nationally applied.

  4. MLadyAzzera

    Taking care of those who are unable to take care of themselves is cruelty. Are they supposed to die in the streets? Society even helps you “take care” of you. Min wage, social security, even the FDA was created to help those who couldn’t take care of themselves because other people could care less. It is a human responsibility to ensure that our species is provided for, for if we don’t provide for everyone, who decides who deserves what? Do you want someone determine if you’re “worthy enough”?

  5. phantomcharger

    @MLadyAzzera So you make no differential between the state putting a gun to your head and demanding you “take care” of people you have never met, (and may not deserve it) or you taking care of your people that you do know, like say your grandparents because you want to. What your saying is either, you are superior to all others, they YOU would take care of your own, but the rest wouldn’t, or that you don’t want to take care of your own, and that’s why we need the collective forced heath care.

  6. Ajvarh

    @MLadyAzzera Oh god, shoot me.

  7. hursh4


  8. AroundSun

    This is pretty damn unbelievable. The cop was saying just because you are inside of a school, the laws don’t change. Well guess what douche bag, I don’t remember the last time that disrupting others with my fragrance or my speech was a criminal offense. What are the legislatures doing in Texas? This is ridiculous! What defines “disrupting class”?! Teacher just decides that you are getting locked up when he/she feels like it? Didn’t like your point of view? How is this constitutional?

  9. AroundSun

    @MLadyAzzera Please spare me your liberal ideology. Leftism is predicated on economic illiteracy. You collectivists can form a communal living system right here in the US, just don’t put a gun to my head and force me into it. You approach situations with emotions and use irrelevant truths as an obscure way to try to deflect facts from your world view.

  10. AroundSun

    @MLadyAzzera You seem to think that the Federal Government is this hive where all good things come from. The problem is, we are not an american family, we are a nation of individuals. This is not a democracy, it is a republic. Have you ever heard of the constitution? If you have, I would like you to show me exactly where the Federal Government gets its authority to do these kinds of things. The power of the government does not change with who is in office. Does liberty ever ring a bell?

  11. guitar4art

    This is just plain wrong! Are these teachers freaking crazy sicking the power hungry police on the children. It is starting to look like Nazi Germany here in Texas.

  12. YourAssYourFace

    You know what else is wrong? Sarah’s mother enabling her OWN CHILD’S OBESITY.


  13. amandaMay8

    i hatte people that bully just because of there wait. & i think thats rong just to give her a ticket just for smell of perfume.. fuckk themm..
    my sister is over weight but if nobody messes with her at school cause ill kick theree fuckiin ass.. i think its wrong for wat they did there…. and i live here in brownsville tx. and if that happens to my daughter when she goes to school ill sue them or something good thing shes 1…

  14. amandaMay8

    if i were her mom i would fuckiin kick that teachers ass.. omgee im sayiing to many bad words but its cause stuff like this get me really pistt off especially cause im a teen mom and some off my family are chubby..


    God bless the family and i hope u all get justice for something that is just not the rite thing for that teacher to do..

  15. CamaroHappy

    did anyone see the mom? ya that child is not obiese because of her parent’s lack of responsibility but its her GENES, her metabolism is like her mothers..come on ppl get your heads out of your assss.

  16. kief4diamonds

    id like to kick the ass of anyone who pushes this shit. criminilizing school discpilne….im going to end up going to jail over some stupid shit like this. got forbid i have a kid and this shit pops off. i swear ill become a dangerous sneaky behind the shadows mother fucker.

  17. GonG108

    another demostration for the insanity of this stupid americans , sending a 11 year old to court and then for what reason for too much perfume, this could be comedy , i´m just asking myself what happened with this people over there do they all have lost their mind ? i mean something like that can only happen in U.Stupid A. no where else not even in former komunist times ( i know that i´m from that part of the world )
    i´ll never step a feet on this damn part of the world , how i hate this land

  18. XDCookiezHD


  19. matcraizy

    could this contry get enny dumbber ?

  20. MrCatlover45

    thats shit to be mean to you but CARMA

  21. MrCatlover45


  22. MrCatlover45


  23. drummertia

    this is actually SHOCKING? why are you Americans putting up with this??? i’m actually shocked

  24. condemned13

    In texas the real criminals are the cops,the courts and the texas government.Texas criminalizes their youth so they can be ready to go to their expensive jails when they get older.Because texas gets revenue from the federal government to keep people in jail.Don’t believe me?Move here to texas,the cops do not care about you or your kids.But they are there to arrest you and ticket you and they do not show up until on time when you dial 911.Texas wants a prison planet.

  25. blackviolin97

    This school is wack!

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