12-year Old Child Stopped Armed Robber in Turkey

ISTANBUL. – An armed criminal who broke into one of the jewelry shops in Istanbul’s Bagcilar district met an unforeseen resistance. The incident was recorded by the security camera. The masked robber entered the shop pulled out his gun and told the salesman to fill his bag, the Turkish Posta informs. At that time a 12-year old child who was in the shop jumped towards the robber who wasn’t expecting that at all. The criminal hesitated tried to free himself from the child and ran away.The police studied the recording by the camera and arrested Mustafa S. who lived near the shop.

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25 responses to “12-year Old Child Stopped Armed Robber in Turkey”

  1. RavenJ223

    Like a boss!!!!

  2. g1i2o3p4a5s

    chuck norris grandson…

  3. izan073

    lol robber getting robed

  4. kanarishiori

    wow !!! you guys stole all mah words LOL …watches the old man put a leash on the kid n places “Beware of Child” sign in the front window.

  5. ShadyNJ

    Someone get that kid a happy meal

  6. lukaqota

    The kids had to punch the robber in the balls. That would have made the video fenomenal.

  7. pugosisiw

    @lukaqota – your fenomenal is really Fenomenal. :)

  8. turkcrawla

    no wonder dude hes a turk

  9. 30598304

    That’s what i call a Real Karate Kid !!!

  10. buddythedog12345

    that kid is a fucking BOSS

  11. Medussagirl


  12. g0oh

    4 of the robbers’ cohorts watched this video

  13. xxcddxx

    The kid did nothing, He swung at the robber so the robber grabbed him and threw him into the wall, then the store owner pushed him out

  14. BukLauNoScopes

    @xxcddxx But what wouldve happened if the kid didn’t push the gun up? Then his father or store owner could’ve been at gun point.

  15. iChelseaGrinnedJesus

    I hate how everyone is praising this kid and saying that this was a brilliant idea.This was actually very foolish,I mean what would have happened if the guy actually had the guts to shoot him?He would be dead and everyone would be calling him a fucking retard for trying to grab the gun from a man 3 times his size.People,don’t confuse bravery wih stupidity.

  16. gansterlicous

    Bleached-niggers are retarded… the little albino ape should of been shot he prob thought the gun was a banana.

  17. StacksSodmg

    An armed criminal broke in .. when the door was open …. rofl what a joke

  18. nolobede

    “The kid did nothing,”
    really?… ’cause you probably would’ve coward in the corner while the guy robbed the store or worse. The kids just got bigger balls than you.

  19. xxcddxx

    @nolobede the title says the kid stopped the armed robber but he didn’t, You don’t know me at all go ahead and insult me because you know i’m right your insults mean nothing, The kid may have some guts taking a swing at the robber but it doesn’t mean he stopped him, When the shop owner came running at him it made him panic and back out of the store because he didn’t want him to take his gun.

  20. xxcddxx

    @BukLauNoScopes Well as soon as he took care of the kid with one little push you notice he turns and points it right back and the shop owner and doesn’t take the shot.

  21. nolobede


    So now you’re making excuses for your comment?… the kids got bigger balls than you AND the robber.

  22. jeffeld

    Nice one kid

  23. MrUrmother22

    @nyquildays can you say low blow…lmfao

  24. Tbirdian

    Dude, really…? A little kid stood up to a dude with a gun. No, he didn’t overpower him or anything, but no shit, he’s 1/4 the size and 1/4 the age. Why do you have to be so mean? If you’re not gonna give him the credit he deserves at least give him some credit..

  25. TheMUZY786

    @gansterlicous maybe someone should shove a banana up your backside, racist mother fucker, you sound like a father less bastard, your mother is most likely a whore, bacon face bastard, you belong in the zoo so you can eat all the shit of animals, your dad can join you, or maybe you have a job as a shit licker. i bet your father shits in your mouth thats why you stink, the kid is a hero, you are a bastard.

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