$20000 Reward for Unsolved Crime

Connie, a senior at Hopkins School in New Haven Connecticut, was involved in a single car accident less than half a mile away from the school entrance. An accident reconstruction report later indicated that someone had deliberately tampered with her car, which directly caused the crash. Prior to the incident, Connie experienced problems with the varsity swim coach and a swim rival’s mother. These problems were directly triggered by college swim recruitment, and the accident happened two hours after Connie’s parents filed a complaint against those two adults to a school official. The New Haven police failed to conduct a proper investigation and prematurely closed the case. The victim and her family are seeking public support to urge Connecticut government officials and law enforcement to reopen the case and conduct a throrough investigation of this on campus crime. **Please sign the “Justice for Connie” petition addressed to CT Governor Malloy at www.thepetitionsite.com **The victim’s family and friends are offering a 000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect(s)

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