2nd White child a victim of a Hate Crime in St Louis

They origionally gave the race of the offender then cut the part off Today word came out that two days later on a Hazelwood West Middle School bus, in the St. Louis metro area, another small skinny white student was set upon by a black kids. The white student was badly beaten. The entire attack was captured on tape and Hazewood school authorities are refusing to release it! Two brutal racially motivated school bus attacks in a three day period in the St. Louis area. This is not an isolated …

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25 responses to “2nd White child a victim of a Hate Crime in St Louis”

  1. yankeegal01

    Geri: You need to be careful with your generalization. Just because a person is educated does not make one gentle or wise. Being what you call an educated person, I’ve known people who where uneducated to sometimes be smarter, wiser and better than the educated. I could easily say you being only 19 probably knows nothing of the real world, while some of us who are over 40 have hopefully learned wisdom on things you have not. Generalization is a dangerous thing to do.

  2. Andyisgodcky

    The blatant racism in these comments is disgusting, and YES ITS FROM BOTH RACES.

    Its because of bottom feeders like all of you that we can’t move forward as a civilization. If you advocate racially motivated violence, you’re NO better than the people you advocate the violence toward.

  3. ChoppedLiver44060

    Yankee: The driver was probably saying “Sit down” and “Cool it until you get off the bus” or something similar like in the Belleville incident.


    Why the Hell is the school district not releasing the tapes of this incident? What is wrong with the people in St. Louis that allows this sort of savagery to continue?


    Parents that give a damn about their kids will pull their children out of these “schools” and home school them. It only takes 3.5 hours per day, and your child will be better off for it.

    How can a child learn in this sort of environment.

  6. cne08

    I hate to think what blacks would say if 2 white kids beat up a black kid.


    Welcome to Obama’s America.

  8. LiberalHuntingSeason

    People are suffering from White guilt. They worship niggers. They are too busy slaving away at their jobs for the worthless jew dollar and paying taxes to feed and house savages. The only thing that will wake up Whites is when the dollar crashes and the tv goes out.
    Until then, prepare. People like us are already ahead of the game. Consider yourself a leader in the near future.

  9. LiberalHuntingSeason

    Because they don’t want people to know.

    Just like when the media leaves out the facts that the suspect(s) is black, they call them “youths”.

  10. johnnyharpe

    Fuck you! There are NEVER gangs of Whites who attack and mercilessly beat niggers. You are a fucking liar, probably a self-hating White, kissing ass of people who hate our entire race and always will. Fuck off, they act like animals and their parents tell them it’s ok.

  11. johnnyharpe

    I second that. The average White Sheep doesn’t even know what a jew is! They’re still worried about offending apes when they are beating our children senseless in a nigger mob!

  12. johnnyharpe

    A WHITE 14-YEAR OLD WAS BEATEN TO DEATH in Crofton, Md by 6 or 7 black gang members. This happened days before the “holocaust” museum shooting, and the media didn’t say JACK SHIT about it. No hate crime, no hate group, no hate nothing!

  13. johnnyharpe

    GOOGLE “KIRSTEN BRYDUM” and learn about the Obama supporter MURDERED BY NIGGERS in New Orleans! The media didn’t tell you, did they? If a black Obama supporter had been murdered by Whites in a hate crime, you damn sure would’ve heard about that!

  14. johnnyharpe

    btw, I was 2 blks from the murder location just days after, I live an hour away, and I never heard a word of it on local media! I learned about it from a racist “hate” site.

  15. LiberalHuntingSeason

    Deaf ears man. hell, the chimpout website has thousands of black on White crime articles. Not one peep from Whites.

    Like I said, it’s coming. Prepare, keep training, and you’ll come out ahead. Darwin awards WILL be issued to the traitors by their very on “pets”.

  16. johnnyharpe

    another good one

  17. LiberalHuntingSeason

    Great! Thank you sir.

  18. ghustla74

    we are the best !I love young wild brothers lol

  19. 40Rtruss

    I have been a Corrections Officer for 19years, this is nothing new I have never seen a one on one fight it is always at least 3 to one black on white it is like they can not control themselves funny when put in a cell one to one black and white they hang on the bars and scream for help Huh

  20. Begby121

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  21. cuzrock310

    You just hating your women like us because of our bigger dicks

  22. irishraider

    Pussy ass niggers! You want a fucking race war then bring it fucking niggers! Will kill as many of you fuckers as I can before you get me. Die bitch whores.

  23. Begby121

    No its true, black men have to rape women because no one wants to fuck a nigger. Look at the stats. Niggers have to rape women to get laid. Normal women are repulsed by niggers. Even black wmoen hate black men.

    Black women make themselves look white so they can attract white men.

  24. IndependentPhillyPA

    Well there is a 100 to 1 ratio black to white in prison too.

  25. 40Rtruss

    No it is not that high you can go to the institutional web site they keep the race factor pretty even

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