4 Boys Rape A 13-Year-Old Boy With A Broom & Hockey Stick At School In Florida!

Channel 13 reports “ODESSA – It’s an unthinkable crime: four boys between the ages of 14 and 15 years old are accused of brutally assaulting a 13-year-old boy at school. Hillsborough Sheriff investigators say the attack happened at Walker Middle School in Odessa. Detectives say on April 30th, the boys attacked the victim in the school locker room.” … Boys Rape 13-Year-Old Boy With Broom Hockey Stick At School In Florida Channel 13 fox news sick crazy insane rapes people …

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25 responses to “4 Boys Rape A 13-Year-Old Boy With A Broom & Hockey Stick At School In Florida!”

  1. GeorgeCarlin40

    aww were you his friend? cry about it

  2. centrino987

    heated metal rods should be ramped up their asses as a punishment

  3. FyFhFr25

    That’s the problem with movies. Movies have always shown some vulnerable boy gets assualted in the locker room with broom stick or whatever, the boy gets up later, unhurt, and the bullies get away with it.

  4. FyFhFr25

    The victim must have been suspected being gay.
    The attackers, under the poison teachings of Christianity that gay is a sin & being gay is a choice (like choose to commit crime), bash him up so that he can live up to the christians’ beliefs.

  5. pf126p

    It would be funnier if it happened to you.

  6. pf126p

    I fail to see the humour.

  7. pf126p

    You could be a little more genteel in your expression.

  8. TheGuitarpods1

    that kid that got raped goes to my school now

  9. abercrombiech1ck

    lee myers is cute, but anyways what they did was not right. My heart goes out to the victim!

  10. mynumberonegat

    fuckin homosexuals rapeing people

  11. bcrocker33

    where are the neo nazi’s in this thread when there are two white boys apart of it?

    there has to be way stiffer penalties to protect innocent children.

  12. 3SEJOKER

    leave it to niggers to try and spread there dieseases like they do in Africa and leave it to hick filthy crackers to reanact how there he fucked his sister last night
    smelly kfc eating niggers and redneck chikin shit crackers

  13. Skatelennon

    gotta love florida…

  14. Wishlist2day

    They all look like a bunch of dumb ass southerners. The like to bully, just wait until they end up in jail. They will get turned out quickly.

  15. EManBN

    And what race are you?

  16. Corbenik

    kill the shit out of those dudes

  17. SaberStaff

    Omg this is terrible. That poor boy 🙁 if he ever went to my school I would be his best friend and make him feel safe. God I wouldnt know what to do if my 13 year old friend was raped that way. I’d probably kill the people who did it brutally i might add

  18. lardospanko

    im just curios to know what race u r u little racist dirt bag

  19. 3SEJOKER

    lmfao what. your going to defend 4 boys who raped an innocent boy? lol u fucking cracker back up i dont talk 2 ppl who fuck there own siblings

  20. lardospanko

    ummm i was just curios to know what race u were since ur hatting on almost every race…calm down

  21. 15935723456

    lol i knew 2 of those kids, Randall and Lee and i can tell you they were assholes!!! they fucked with me in the 5th grade because i was new and no one believed me because they were straight A honor students but now everyone can see the monster Lee was.

  22. adriellaw

    fucking sick!

  23. 1063556

    fuckin fags

  24. juggalo6jcards


  25. Changing4thebetter


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