4 Teen Boys Charged With Raping A 13-year-old Boy At School

Four boys between the ages of 14 and 15 years old are accused of bullying a 13-year-old boy at school for months, and then raping him with a broomstick and a hockey stick.

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25 responses to “4 Teen Boys Charged With Raping A 13-year-old Boy At School”

  1. h2purple

    hmmm…taht’s sick man…how sad

  2. HugeDickNick

    I shove toy cars in my ass

  3. AlienMagi

    How does it feel?

  4. 5yearplan1

    Those boys are not going to like jail..lol They will get fucked up their asses going into jail all young and tender..lol

  5. 5yearplan1


    But just wait. They will go to jail because they are being tried as adults. They will be fresh fish to the inmates and they will get fucked up the asses. No one will protect them in jail.

  6. cantbefooled

    very serious …

    these guys are in BIG trouble …

  7. DnCxblade

    Raping the boys that did this would be wrong too cause they were not tough by there family about sex and that is sad there is so much evil today that God must be crying I will pray for them and the boy that was raped

  8. debbieswinyer

    sad, sad , sad!!!

  9. Kellen1337

    god is imaginary.

  10. drawyourpenimysword

    You obviously yearn for someone to chove foreign objects up your ass.

  11. YOUNOOB931

    xonix is actually sidney robert mounts he lives in gibson city illinois he wants an ass fucking


    they raped him, and now they’re getting raped in prison. irony is a b1tch!!!

  13. AngryBF2Nerd

    oh look, 2 black guys

  14. mista925

    Oh look, 2 white guys… Rape comes in all colors smart one….
    Regardless, this is horrible… I’ve noticed so many bullying cases these last few years I’ve been working with kids… That says alot about their parents…

  15. Mustainez1

    15 year old in middle school? hahaha failure

  16. stupidYOOTUBE

    i dont get it?? are they gay?

  17. bloodybandit101

    hey i went to walker. Lee myers was my best friend and has been since 1st grade. Lee was a straight A student and an amazing friend. I defend Lee 100% and have seen and talked to him after the incident. He’s a good kid,leave him alone like he doesnt have enough on his hands right now

  18. natorfish88

    Hang the 2 Nigs
    Put a bullet in each of the white trash kids heads
    Problem Solved.

  19. oneonetwosix1126

    The only thing dumber than a teenage boy is a dead stick.

  20. oneonetwosix1126

    The only thing dumber than a dead stick is a tennage girl.

  21. 1acidboy

    rape someone with a broom stick ?

  22. iwish245

    can all of you people just ya know , SHUT UP ?! Lee Myers is innocent and is part of my family and if you dont know the whole story then don’t say anything . soo please just be quiet if this was you who was falsely accused you wouldn’t want people saying “put a bullet through their head” about you . god bless .

  23. edward1432

    OMFG a broomstick??? HOLY SHIT these guys must have a mental problem

  24. marisolbrianna9341

    wow sucks

  25. janek7135226

    how can they rape a boy with a hockey and a broom stick

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