5 Facts About Guns, Schools, & Violence

In the wake of December’s horrific mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, Vice President Joe Biden is chairing a panel of experts that will make gun-control recommendations to President Barack Obama by the end of the month. The president has said that enacting new restrictions on guns will be one of his highest priorities. No one wants to ever again see anything like the senseless slaughter of 26 people — including 20 children – at a school. But as legislators turn toward creating new gun laws, here are five facts they need to know. 1. Violent crime — including violent crime using guns — has dropped massively over the past 20 years. The violent crime rate – which includes murder, rape, and beatings – is half of what it was in the early 1990s. And the violent crime rate involving the use of weapons has also declined at a similar pace. 2. Mass shootings have not increased in recent years. Despite terrifying events like Sandy Hook or last summer’s theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, mass shootings are not becoming more frequent. “There is no pattern, there is no increase,” says criminologist James Allen Fox of Northeastern University, who studies the issue. Other data shows that mass killings peaked in 1929. 3. Schools are getting safer. Across the board, schools are less dangerous than they used be. Over the past 20 years, the rate of theft per 1000 students dropped from 101 to 18. For violent crime, the victimization rate per 1000 

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24 responses to “5 Facts About Guns, Schools, & Violence”

  1. blujay1524

    at least they don’t have Piers Morgan, they get to pity us for that one

  2. blujay1524

    I’m sick of people telling me Obama is a smart person. If Barack Obama is so god damn smart, why can’t this moron understand that the two places in the country that have gun bans in effect (which are also conveniently the two places he lives) also have two of the highest crime rates in the entire country?

    Yeah Bush couldn’t speak properly, but at least he could take a fucking hint

  3. RavenPrecept

    My wife fancies Piers Morgan so if he does come back to the UK I will punch him.

  4. RavenPrecept

    Actually he is on telly here even more than ever so it would make little difference which county he is in.

  5. aphsknight74

    Well said. We need more level headed folks like you, Not Alex Jones. He’s loud, and disorderly. He makes us all look bad. I’m a 2A American, and firmly believe in our inalienable right to bear arms, and his intentions are well meant. But in order to be taken seriously, we have to keep cooler heads, stay calm, and present the many solid arguments that we have.

  6. medicalstoragefront

    The emotional events you’ve pointed out, like TARP;
    have an agenda behind them. AIG says, “We’ve repaid every
    dollar that America lent us…Plus a profit of more than $22 Billion”.
    Forbes says “GM Is No. 1 In The World Again In Auto Sales”…
    But, the American people didn’t get their dividend checks – They just
    paid, and found the country farther in debt.
    We are a cash-cow for government and big business, and the more
    they can rob us of our rights, the better…
    Especially guns.

  7. Rainer67059

    Answer to your question “from what an army”:
    – from all federal military forces of the USA
    – from all state and local armed troops that exist or may be founded
    – from foreign armed forces as last line of defense
    You need a fully automatic rifle when the assailant also has one or the assailant are many.
    The people need to be in possession of the highest order of weapon. Only then does the power lie with the people literally. Only that can secure democracy.

  8. Rainer67059

    Has anybody noticed, the massacre happened on Dec 15 = Bill Of Rights day. If it was a staged event to facilitate justification for federal gun control, the date was chosen to have a symbolic character.

  9. Rainer67059

    If the USA was just founded as a democracy and republic, there would be serious discussion about gun control now, especially in Congress. But fortunately, the Founders founded America also as a Rechtsstaat with a Bill Of Rights that fixes a right to keep arms. In consequence all discussion about gun control is futile, so there are no serious proposals of any.
    This is as it’s meant to be. Compare with reality.

  10. Rainer67059

    So you say “shooting an intruder IS homicide”. – By the way, only in 2% of cases were a home owner successfully defends his home against a burglar with his gun, a shot is fired. In many cases where a shot is fired, it is only warning shot. In other cases, the wound is not fatal. –
    If shooting an intruder “is homicide”, what is an abortion?

  11. Rainer67059

    Yes, drugs are illegal in most of Europe. But there is a difference between the War On Drugs the BATFE declared and the peaceful and negligent enforcement of drug laws in Europe. European police are trained methods to keep violence level down while the respective American authorities purposefully use more violence than necessary in the enforcement.
    It may be a concerted action between European and US-police to create the false impression that guns cause violence.

  12. albdavidt

    If you want to do something, there are some “We the People” petition at: petitions .whitehouse .gov/petitions titled, “Uphold the Constitution and the 2nd amendment. The 2nd amendment was put in place for the people.”
    “..not use any Executive Order to establish any form of gun control.”
    It might be good to let the government know how you feel.

  13. Rainer67059

    May I name another effect. New York City has a lot of population and whatever happens to New Yorkers has a gross effect on all-American statistics. New York has local-law gun control. When it was introduced, crime rates went up.
    These crime rates contribute to the statistics that America has higher crime rates than Europe; which higher crime rate then supposedly is caused by the easy availability of weapons.

  14. RevolutionNewz

    1 Fact That You Missed About Guns, Schools, & Violence…

    90% of these mass shooters were on prescribed psychotropic drugs.

  15. Altimadark

    Good point. If you look at where violent crimes actually happen (the Fed Govt actually does this, but it’s rarely reported), most of them occur in large cities; more specifically, most violent crime in the US occurs in gang-controlled or gang-disputed areas. Trying to take away guns from law-abiding citizens to reduce crime is like having your leg amputated because you had a heart attack while you were jogging.

  16. BRYCE from MO


  17. Altimadark

    Okay, how about one country, temporally? According to historical crime rates in the US, there was far less crime per capita in the “old west,” when there were little to no gun regulations to stop law-abiding citizens from carrying a gun. Checking more recent data, the areas of the US with the highest violent crime per cap are large cities, especially those with strict gun control. The most violent areas in the US are the same areas with the highest gun control.

  18. TheGunGuru2323

    California is listed as a carry state but in fact unless you wait about ten years and pay a couple grand in fees you MAY be considered to get a permit.

  19. RocketeerRich

    Don’t forget the 15 pages in initial application paperwork one must deal with.

  20. MyFing2cents

    PLEASE sign this petition to protect your 2nd Amendment. President Obama plans to use executive office to enforce a BAN on all assault STYLE weapons and magazines after his inauguration on the 21st. STOP THE GUN BAN NOW, or we will lose our rights to own any of the SEMI-AUTOMATIC rifles ever again. SEND THIS TO EVERYONE YOU CAN! petitions.whitehouse.gov/petit­ion/stop-insane-anti-gun-legis­lation/sfd1YG1n

  21. treboomboom

    I just donated ten dollars to the reason foundation.

  22. roostertb

    whos this guy, ohh hes the guy from wild hogs

  23. TheDutchPeopleNL

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  24. Francis Osorio

    “Asking the government for help when you are in trouble is like sending a letter to the fire department as you watch your kitchen burn down; and the government just might send mailmen to your house instead of firemen.” -P.J. O’Rourke

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