5’6 Aquille Carr Official 2010-11 Mixtape; Baltimore’s Crime Stopper!

Follow: twitter.com Like: facebook.com themarsreel.com Is 5’6 Aquille Carr; Baltimore’s “Crime Stopper” The Best Player In The 2013 Class? Here is a highlight reel of the Patterson HS sophomore point guard and internet sensation Aquille Carr this winter and spring. If you have seen this kid play, chances are that you have never walked away dissapointed. Everything you have heard about this kid is most likely true. Aquille Carr can flat out play. Aquille has made living up to the hype look effortless thus far, whether you have read about his recent 0k offer to play pro in Italy or his 58 point performance last season. Crime rates drop in Baltimore, MD when Aquille plays because people are drawn from the streets to watch his games. You can see more of Aquille Carr this summer in the AAU Circuit with the Baltimore Panthers. We will definitely be following him. This video is part one of a two part series so check back often so you don’t miss the next exclusive on themarsreel.com ! Other Videos Of Aquille Carr 58 Point Game – www.youtube.com 38 Point Game vs City HS – www.youtube.com

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25 responses to “5’6 Aquille Carr Official 2010-11 Mixtape; Baltimore’s Crime Stopper!”

  1. dcsports94

    2:38 biggest flop haha

  2. HighFiveAmerica

    I want to adress a couple of things. If he was a 19 year old sophmore (which hes not) then he would be unable to play the next two years of his highschool. Also he needs to go to college and not take that offer overseas. Dont b a dumbass like jeremy tyler

  3. TheKrashEnt

    How do i getchu guys to come out and see me?

  4. iceOne89

    Oh yeah… we like this mixtape. *nods head*

  5. XuShoe

    dayum! don’t look like he have much of a left hand though

  6. littlepink28

    Who is the man? he is.

  7. Necessarism

    READ the deception its TRUE hahahahaha

  8. TheFilipinoPWNstar

    @themarsreel how old is he in his sophmore year?

  9. fr3shs0le09

    can you slow down a bit so i can watch it?

  10. moneymarcus9

    hes not 19 idiot, get ur facts right before u make a comment about a person U DONT EVEN KNO

  11. TheIconic1

    @daNXT81 u are hatin my g, that is the definition of hate

  12. pershingman

    he nice regardless of size I like his heart I spreadin the news about him out in detroit

  13. TheViviid

    @TheFilipinoPWNstar He’s 17 turning 18 in september by which time he will b a junior

  14. 1128MrLewis

    dang, if i was any body in the video tryna check him, i would name my son aquille

  15. MJsDisciple

    i thought this video was playing in fast motion as a video effect and then I realized everyone was moving at normal speed except carr.

  16. teespiice299

    honestly he should just graduate next year because he is 18 turning 19 , he should just skip a grade like rodney purvis.

  17. TheFRiScOBaYBaLLeR

    @themarsreel how old is he?

  18. lk90jn65


  19. ttime1627

    Checkout my highlight tape , antonio jackson highlight tape . I’m 16 , started varstiy when i was a freshman.

  20. TheViviid

    @teespiice299 17 turning 18…y do ppl say shit completely false? If u dont knw da facts, dont say it

  21. teespiice299

    @TheViviid okay 17 turning 18 at the end of the day he’s overage so he shud skip a grade colleges and nba reporters look at that too.

  22. TheViviid

    @lk90jn65 He turns 18 this year, september actually

  23. anthonytranpreuss13

    to do what this guy does at his height, he is my idol.

  24. duke2be

    Wait, can someone who ACTUALLY KNOWS what they are talking about please tell me how old he is and what grade he’s in?

  25. sagggy32

    17 18 or 19 aquille carr will still take a dump on you

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