6 Year Old Brings Gun To School Injures Students

6 Year Old Brings Gun To School Injures Students SOURCE: edition.cnn.com (CNN) — A loaded handgun fell out of a student’s pocket onto the lunchroom floor and discharged Tuesday, wounding him and two other kindergartners in a Houston elementary school, the school district said. None of the injuries was considered life-threatening, Houston Independent School District spokesman Jason Spencer told CNN. School district and Houston police are investigating how the 6-year-old who brought the gun to school — one of the wounded children — obtained the weapon, Spencer said. “It’s a crime to make a gun available to a child.” The weapon discharged once, and the children may have been hit by bullet fragments, Spencer said. The two boys and one girl, all of them kindergarten students at Ross Elementary School, were taken to a hospital and their parents were notified, Spencer said. He did not know their specific conditions. “The prognosis is good for these kids,” the spokesman said. The boy who reportedly brought the gun and a girl were wounded in the foot, Spencer said. The third student was struck in the leg. Concerned parents flocked to the school to check on their children, CNN Houston affiliate KTRK reported. “We made a recorded call to every parent,” Spencer told CNN. In 2006-2007, the latest year in which statistics are available, nearly 2700 students nationwide were expelled or disciplined for bringing a gun to school, said William Modzeleski, associate assistant deputy 

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    A gun of that size can’t fit in the pocket of a 6 year-old. The kid brought the gun to harm another child, but the news media don’t want the public to be concerned about this happing again.

    The kid most likely took his thug brothers gun to school cause he was being bullied or wanted to show off that he’s a thug.

    This story isn’t adding up at all. The news media take people for fools.

  3. Angelyka02

    How does 1 bullet injure 3 people just by falling out?!?

  4. TrunkMonkey3000

    Hmm school shootings and disasters ALWAYS happen on 4-19 to 4-20…….

  5. thatswhatisaidyeah

    @RINGOTV Why not? What u think happened?

  6. thatswhatisaidyeah

    @RINGOTV I see what your are saying, but it doesn’t seem like the media would care about protecting a black child from a gun crime…


    @RINGOTV i belive everything u said

  8. lk3kmk


  9. TheVee909

    from listening to regular news, this was nothing, but this report is much more informative, thanks ringo”

  10. Jerol4Issachar

    Madness that goes on in the true israel community Hosea 4:6

  11. PlanetDip

    @RINGOTV What size? I never heard the make/model mentioned in this video.

  12. hottieDoll1

    I agree. The whole story is not being told. With the Rothschild family owning 3 of the big 6 media. It is hard to get any “real news” anymore.

  13. aleeex321321

    @Angelyka02 ye i know that kinda wierd but the bullet maybe went thru all 3 legs

  14. safewaysecurity

    But I thought schools were gun free zones…. how could this happen?

  15. VengeanceCrimson

    only in america

  16. strongestass

    Americans train their warriors from the start, hence they always fight the aliens.

  17. AaronGFXs

    @lk3kmk lol i said that to my friends then i saw this :L to much children play cod even tho im 14 :L

  18. leelee8206

    smh something more needs to be done b4 all kids kill each other off, i mean dang how he get to lunch period and no one notice he had it?

  19. MadmanKillEmAll

    Lol, the gun fell out and it bounced on the trigger 3 times? Bullshit.

  20. booya155

    @RINGOTV Guns don’t just discharge when they’re dropped. That’s a hollywood fallacy, the chances of it happening are slim to none. Even if it WERE to happen, it would have to be with a very very cheap, very old gun. It will never happen with a modern firearm. Also notice how they say 3 kids were “wounded” rather than “shot.” I’m betting that if a kid got scared and tripped and bruised his knee, they’re counting that as a wound. I agree, this story is utter bullshit.

  21. Globox822

    Story doesn’t make sense. he had it in his pocket, and then it fell out of his pocket and one bullet injured a couple of kids!? Makes no fucking sense.

  22. morph995

    no way it discharged that many times from being dropped let alone one time

  23. nonchalant1985


  24. dajellyman13

    so one bullet hit three different kids in different places… yeah, i buy it. How stupid do they think we are? Did you see that one kid crying and holding her mother? The only reason she would do that is if she was threatened along with other students.

  25. Xwere50X

    @morph995 It only discharged once.

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