Abington teacher charged with 7 counts of child rape

Christine McCallum is charged with having more than 300 inappropriate sexual encounters with a young teen over a three-year period. Watch Abington and Rockland police share information during a press conference.

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9 responses to “Abington teacher charged with 7 counts of child rape”

  1. mistaneon


  2. meburk2

    she what a “tutah at a local libary”

  3. tswerenotgonnatakeit

    omg thats my boyfriends teacher and thats my school and every other day i went to school i was there with a statutory rapist ahhhhhhh!

  4. blazerr

    I’m guessing Abington is located in Mass., but it might be useful to specify in what state it’s in

  5. spitzbully

    To tserenotgonnatakeit: Thats right Christine Mcallum is a pedophile, as a Ultra Right wing conservative that i am, i would love to see this women get 40 years to life in prison. Most liberal/democrats would much rather see this child molester be set free over a male pedophile which is a double standard and hypocrisy

  6. spitzbully

    Shes a child molestor

  7. spitzbully

    Christine Mccallum deserves life in prison and many Massachusetts Teddy Kennedy type liberals would much rather see her be set free.

  8. spitzbully

    To blazerr: I am a Ultra Right wing Conservative, and i would really love to see Christine Mccallum get life in prison so she can get treated fairly like a man who commits a sex crime. If this sex crime took place in Massachusetts, whos to say if justice will be served knowing that Massachusetts is ultra liberal and they tend to coddle with sex offenders

  9. Mr5inchfloppy

    dude i know thi women iv been to her house multiple time its not true

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