Accused Teacher Arrested Again

Stephanie Regusa, a former middle school teacher accused of having sex with two students, is arrested again. She allegely had sex again with one of the students while she was out on bail.

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25 responses to “Accused Teacher Arrested Again”

  1. rectalbomb

    its usually creepy old dudes with perversions about underage teens, finally its a hot chick that…obviously shes fuckin the wrong dudes cuz they keep turning her in…what fuckin thought process is involved to turn in your hot ass teacher that fucks you, how could any 14 or 15 year old boy thing its a bad thing….i swear ive lost hope in humanity

  2. DigiDawg2

    stupid students. then again, look where she did the act in? that was dumb enough in itself.

  3. rkfan089

    No kidding, they out to shoot her. She’s doing it for attention. Didn’t you see her smile?

  4. maceman93

    lol u might not belive me but she was my 7th grade teacher 6th period math

  5. iamsuperageek

    I wish she was my teacher and I could fuck her.

  6. 20josh09

    I would never miss school if my teacher was giving me pussy…wtf
    the teacher is a slut come to my school!!!

  7. patchesmissy

    f**k she’s a pig

  8. dcryption2dc3


  9. FlintyB

    hey shes hot why would you turn her in
    i would fuck her

  10. cindos69

    Yeah, they always plead insanity but you know damn well that if it were a male teacher having sex with a young girl, his ass would be in the slammer quicker than you can say registered sex offender.

  11. teewoods

    hope if u have a 13yr old daughter she gets fucked as by her teacher. You pedo lover !

  12. dcryption2dc3


  13. teewoods

    You are still immatrue and dumb. Dont worry when you have kids you would learn.

  14. dcryption2dc3


  15. tigga3600

    i agree man

  16. tigga3600

    i mean c’mon!, who wouldnt wanna fuck their hot teacher?

  17. lui2345

    maynn if i had a son n he fukd a gurl like herr shyttt.. id be proud of mah son id be like gudd job mah niggaaa das da wayy tah doo it

  18. HugieVera6040

    She is totally hot and everything, and well let’s face it… I would have hit that all night (and never turn her in); but this chick is fucking nuts! She is smiling while the whole country is watchin her in that orange outfit, arrested for fucking another teen! If this were a male teacher he’d be looking at 25 years (maybe more), this chick shouldn’t get a slap on the wrist she ought to get a few years in the big house. Jesus Christ this the 4th fuckin time she is charged with this!!!

  19. ShupalePichon

    WHEN is a FEMALE TEACHER the sentence is short Or les,

    BUT When THE Sentence is a Male Teacher God Help You

    OHHH Yeaahh

  20. cknight63

    This behavior in women, to fantasize about (or even have sex with) teenage boys is more common than one would think. I’ve seen mid, upper 20’s-30’s aged women (who I know were these ages) in an online adventure game exchanging inuendo and “in-game marrying” players they thought were teenage boys. Irregardless, we have laws about these things for good reasons. Male or female it makes no difference. 18 and under is “hands-off”.

  21. shadowdaarab

    i wish my teacher would of fucked me when i was in middle school

  22. panchotheaddict420

    she gives him pussy, and this is how he repays her? what is this world coming to!!!??lol

  23. Xerxes371

    lmao. Hes a dumb ass for snitchin her out 2 da cops.

  24. Xerxes371

    lol i feels it. I would do throw my kid a second birthday party. You gotta be a G to do some shit like dis.

  25. alvictory

    hmm… she’s hot. I wished she had been my teacher. LOL

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