Ace Combat: Assault Horizon with Chris & Ricky (Flight School)

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  1. Bobisawesome100

    @TheHeroofShadows000 All I can do is laugh at you now. You really don’t understand how bad that plane is do you?

  2. Bobisawesome100

    @SuperDJBling What facts? The fact that I am right and you are trying to close this because you have nothing left to say? Good god you really are imature.

  3. TheHeroofShadows000

    @Bobisawesome100 Again, Ad hominem. You really don’t know a thing about what stealth is capable of, do you? Here’s a hint, it can slip in completely undetected by radar due to the fact that it doesn’t have any external weapons and due to the radar being deflected by the unique structures in it’s design. And did you even read what I said to begin with? Or did you just ignore it due to your ignorance in the face of facts? Why don’t you try answering this without being a delusional nut?

  4. TheHeroofShadows000

    And guess what, SuperDJBling actually brings up good points. While you brought up ones that can be easily countered. Leaving people seeing how stupid your statements really are. It’s kinda sad, in a way. But I couldn’t care because your ignorance knows no bounds.

  5. Bobisawesome100

    @TheHeroofShadows000 I’m referencing American Stealth technology like the F-22/35, sorry I didn’t specify. But actually, the stealth can be seen through now with a new Russian technology. I forget the name of it but it is a radar that is/going to be, used in the PAK FA T-50 and the Su-35BM. You should actually research it, very fascinating development. When used in conjunction with the missiles developed alongside it, it actually puts the Russian planes above American ones.

  6. TheHeroofShadows000

    @Bobisawesome100 Again, opinion over truth in your comments. The Su-35BM has weaknesses and wouldn’t that mean that the PAK-FA could be shot down if Russia sells the tech? Not a very smart move. Also, a plane can be detected by more than just radar. Heat signatures? Ring a bell? If Russia gives that along with the PAK to India (which they actually plan on doing), then I’ll bet that you’d be routing for India before long.

  7. Bobisawesome100

    @TheHeroofShadows000 wait what are you even talking about now? Could you reword that paragraph, I really can’t decipher what point you were making. What weakness does the Su-35BM have? And why would they sell the tech?

  8. TheHeroofShadows000

    @Bobisawesome100 Russia has done that before. They plan on giving the PAK to India under the name FGFA. And they’ve given their Sukohi’s of previous designation to a number of countries. Wikipedia is a friend in cases like this. Also, the Su-35BM may be more advanced than the Su-37, but the lack of the airbrake from previous models prevents it from slowing down whether in mid-air or landing. Also, again, 5th generation fighters are ALL about stealth. Anything else is 4.5 gen fighters.

  9. Bobisawesome100

    @TheHeroofShadows000 So the F-117 Nighthawk and B-2 Spirit are 5th Gen by your logic. You treat 4.5s like it’s a bad thing. The F-22, even though it is a 5th don’t get me wrong, is still a 4.5, maybe 4.25, due to it’s age and tech. So if you are using Wikipedia throughout this argument (lol) you should have also read that Australia chose them over F-35s because they were superior. Also where the hell are you getting that it wouldn’t have an airbrake?

  10. TheHeroofShadows000

    @Bobisawesome100 If it wasn’t for the F-117 and the F-22, the F-35 and the PAK-FA and even the Su-47 wouldn’t have existed in the beginning. So in a sense, the worlds owes those two planes for even trying and succeeding. And no, they chose the F-35 because the U.S decided to NOT import the F-22. And the F-35 was because of the JSF program which was made to be multi-national to begin with. Not to mention, Canada also ordered some as well. And no, the F-22 is 5th gen, the F-117 is a 4th gen.

  11. TheHeroofShadows000

    About the airbrake, did you not know that the BM doesn’t have the airbrake? Anyone who was interested in the plane and looked it up would’ve known that. Also the canards are gone, which although reduces air drag, also reduces turning capabilities. It’s amazing once you think the right way about things like that.

  12. Bobisawesome100

    @TheHeroofShadows000 You are such a joke. Stealth isn’t an American invention jackass, it has been around since the 40s, and there isn’t much that was improved by the Americans. The Su-35BM, even if it does lack an airbrake, doesn’t mean that it has no manoeuvrability. In fact, being the design it is, it still has a higher turn than any American design. Sad that Canada has to buy inferior planes just because the southern country will be angry if it isn’t 100% agreed with it.

  13. TheHeroofShadows000

    @Bobisawesome100 Wow, you don’t even take time to even compare and say “Russia all the way!” Like some Soviet dissident. That’s just sad. If you were from Russia and you took pride in your nation, I’d actually say to each his own, but since you’re Canadian and you actually hate the western states, that’s just plain sad, man. In fact, Russia developed these planes to counter American planes, not vice versa. Example, the Su-27 was made to counter the F-15C which was the best 4th gen fighter.

  14. TheHeroofShadows000

    And then there’s the Su-33 which was developed to counter the F-14A. And weapons too. They actually copied the Sidewinder missile by stealing tech from it and using it in their own missiles. And before you call BS, documentaries proved that. So tell me, note for note, who exactly is and still is copying who? Because the fact of the matter is, each have copied each other for dominance all the time in the Cold War. And you use insults and excuses to back up your words. Man, you need to lighten up.

  15. Bobisawesome100

    @TheHeroofShadows000 I don’t hate the Western States, that would be a very anti-patriotic thing to do. I’m in fact very proud of my country for buying something to replace the mothballed F-18s. Even happier with the German Leopard 2A6s. But mostly I’m just rambling and having some fun. The reason why I say that Russian planes are superior is because they really are. If the planes are developed to counter American ones, why do they do it so well?

  16. TheHeroofShadows000

    @Bobisawesome100 Well, that would be ignorance during the Vietnam War. The Russian planes have always had dogfighting in their design. The High Command thought that Missiles were the future, but Vietnam proved otherwise. And although the F-15’s efficiency in battle was proved by Israel pilots, it proved that the U.S can make still make planes purely made for dogfighting. As for why the U.S gov, not the military, sucks today, I honestly blame the people on the inside due to being bribed.

  17. Bobisawesome100

    @TheHeroofShadows000 Agreed.

  18. Bobisawesome100

    @TheHeroofShadows000 I never insinuated that it’s military is useless. While there are cases of “why” like the Abrams that shot another, or A-10s strafing friendly convoys, but that’s higher ups not understanding that proper train and tech is a necessity for any military to work.

  19. TheHeroofShadows000

    @Bobisawesome100 Well, it’s nice to see that people can go from arguing to having friendly conversation. And I will say that the first thing to do to get the U.S back on it’s feet. Leave Iraq. We’ve already got Sadam, hell we killed Osama, we don’t have anymore business there. If we did what we came to do in the first place, why even still bother? It’s like Vietnam but in the desert regions of the Middle East.

  20. Bobisawesome100

    @TheHeroofShadows000 There never was business other than 2000s Government wanting god-knows-what resources there. The sad part about those regions is that they will be the exact same outcome as ‘Nam, young men dying to enforce a lost cause. If the Russians couldn’t do it, no one will.

  21. TheHeroofShadows000

    @Bobisawesome100 That’s a sad, but cold hard truth.

  22. SuperDJBling

    Go search the internet, there are hundreds of articles, essays etc out there that back up my information, what back up for your argument can you provide

  23. Bobisawesome100

    @SuperDJBling Those articles and essays are all biased like you sir. You have been incorrect the entire way. I’m already done here because I finished with the other guy and we ended it in a friendly manner. Your argument has been nothing but propaganda filled hate. So thus good-day sir.

  24. SuperDJBling

    Propoganda filled hate? Incorrect the entire way?

    Well, at least this argument is now over, and I commend you for ending your other argument in a friendly manner. I hope we can finish this argument in at least a similar manner.

  25. tsteak20

    has this game already came out? if not when does it come out?

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