Adrain Lux – “Teenage Crime”

I’ve never done a storyline on my own before but, here is my first attempt and I’m really proud of the way it has turned out. 100% inspired by Teenagecrime3 and LittleMissLovelysxx. Please comment and like, much love. Storyline and links below.. This girl Emma walks home from school and goes up stairs and starts getting on with her homework. She gets a MSN message from this “popular” girl Charlotte from school. She was saying nasty thing about her as well as teasing her about not being invited to Charlotte party. Emma lies to her Mum saying she’s okay when she’s not. She decided to change and becomes friends with Charlotte. Charlotte invites Emma to her to party. Emma get’s ready then the Party scene. A day later it is school, Emma has an maths final exam and she didn’t revise/study for. Charlotte told her that night before that her results will be fine, Emma believed her and hoped for the best on her results. Emma got her results and she failed. Emma realised what she had done and changes back to her old self. Turns down the next party invite from Charlotte. And, goes back to school as her normal self. In case you didn’t grasp the conversation in time here it is: Charlotte: I liked your story you read out in front of the whole class. Cringe! Emma: You was listening? Charlotte: It’s impossible not to miss your high pitched annoying voice & you take half the class room up, bless you. Emma: Why you picking on me? Charlotte: Because you’re not invited to my party this 

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