Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime (Music Video) [inspired by kaityxalyce and twinklingrainbow]

**inspired by kaityxalyce** Story-line ; Two sisters ; The one with the short hair likes to party and doesn’t care about school work and such ; The one with the long hair is a “nerd” you could say.. she does her homework and doesn’t care about looks and popularity. The short haired girl is ditching school to go to a party and when she gets home she realizes that she should focus more on school, Like her “nerd” of a sister. She starts to do her homework and THATS THE END;* I HOPE YOU LIKED IT.. PLEASE LIKE, FAVORITE & COMMENT!! DON’T FORGET SUBSCRIBE! LINKS: Kenzi’s channel : subscribe her;*

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10 responses to “Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime (Music Video) [inspired by kaityxalyce and twinklingrainbow]”

  1. brittwhit13

    Haha i have the same blanket as you! Good video and you guys are both really pretty!!

  2. roccorox99

    thank you 🙂

  3. kYlieR3nee

    why do i love this

  4. roccorox99

    cause kenzi’s bumbum is all wet and we stripped(;

  5. SsydneyxBbeauty

    See therw shirt much.

  6. roccorox99

    She was supposed to look like that. She made a crime about her life choices, so she fixed them.

  7. ThinkingLaughter

    Umm.. yous are what teens wearing a seethrough top? thats disgusting.

  8. roccorox99

    IT WAS MEANT FOR HER CHARACTER. She made BAD CHOICES in the video. Therefore she wore “disgusting” clothes.

  9. TwinklingRainbow

    Don’t listen to the haters. This is amazing. I’m glad I found you(:

  10. roccorox99

    Oh my god thank you!!! That meant so much!!!

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