After School Special

Captain Fuller and officer Hoffs go undercover on a violent high school campus where both student and faculty carry lethal weapons just to stay alive.

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7 responses to “After School Special”

  1. JohnnyGstaks

    tell all ur friends, cos doesn’t lie…. :-)

  2. Fluttershy44

    “Yeah well I’ll fix him up with your mom.” LOL I feel your pain Hanson!! My mom is dating a Bob too. Ugh,,

  3. 06reekel

    21 jump street is awsome!

  4. queenzakiya91

    Haha that last scene with tom and his mum was hilarious

  5. 777jsca

    21 jump street is an awesome show because it shows what is really going on in the world. In this episode you see how teachers don’t do a lot to properly educate people and get them on the right track.

  6. Cassie86R

    i love 21 jump street, this episode was really good

  7. jillmac444

    fuller is the man

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