Alleged Hate Crime At Santa Monica High School

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (KABC) — Several students at Santa Monica High School may face assault and hate crime charges stemming from accusations made by an Afri…

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19 responses to “Alleged Hate Crime At Santa Monica High School”

  1. PatriotSue

    NO BRUTAL ASSAULT, but HATE CRIME. But, what happened to Carter Strange, brutally beaten, by 8 RACIST BLACK THUGS, is NOT A HATE CRIME, or any of the white people, who were BRUTALLY ASSAULTED IN CHICAGO, PA, WISCONSIN, no not a HATE CRIME.

  2. johnny Arellano

    Karma is a Bitch (payback). You haven’t even seen the tip of the ICEBERG. Brace yrslf

  3. jum90

    those white devils derserve it white people need to get beat up

  4. PatriotSue

    @jum9 Well, with that RACIST HATEFUL attitude, white people will be forced to protect themselves. They will have to kill, all non-white people. What choice will they have?

  5. PatriotSue

    Respond to this video… In the past several months, there has been brutal assault, after brutal assault on lone white people, by mobs of BLACK RACIST THUGS. Now, for all you retarded RACIST PEOPLE OF COLOR out there, all this does is build our case against you. We look like the weak unprotected VICTIM. HATE CRIME statutes do not protect us, therefore, our government does not protect us. Comments like yours, is the RACIST attitude, of most people of color. Therefore, we have reason to ACT.

  6. PatriotSue

    After WELL DOCUMENTED videos, of uncontrolled VIOLENT RACIST MOB attacks, against peaceful whites, by people of color, our VIOLENT RESPONSE will be completely JUSTIFIED. The VIOLENCE OF RACIST NON-WHITES has been going on for years, now and is again, WELL DOCUMENTED. Everyone is seeing, NON-WHITES are VIOLENT NON-PRODUCTIVE PEOPLE. They can and do not, do anything to build a productive peaceful society. We don’t have to do anything to convince people of this truth. You do it with your ACTIONS.

  7. XJennyX127


  8. T1memaster

    Sue i live in California and find this video a joke. I went to a public school and dealt with racial taunts and bullying, it made me stronger. I remember in 3rd grade i said Nigger at school, having no idea what it meant. The teacher through a shitfit. Yet let someone say cracker or gringo and noone cares.

    If anything whites are targeted in most California schools, they are the minority now.

  9. TechNubian1

    Check out black archaeologist

  10. sweets3445

    so the cracker get away with everything again huh its ashame

  11. Christian Dimaggio

    AFRIKARA!!! <3. still fucked up that they did that. and everyone that was interviewed in this video i knew xD. i miss samo

  12. Mixed3Italiano3Chick

    i saw my people 🙂 awww

  13. Rayvelle White

    I was raised in Santa monica a long time ago when race around the country was a big deal like in the 50s&60s but in santa monica it was a place where it really didnt matter,why is it this way now thats my question.we never had this problem back in those days and it was expected because that was the mindset of america at that time,why now?

  14. hice2madre

    I went there. Sounds like a pretty light hazing.

  15. Vinney Creture

    If you know a girl who goes by the name of Airee Rusil, please tell me.

  16. Muslimkilla1979

    These niggers dont know what a hate crime is! Come down to the south!

  17. Mariah F

    I go to Samohi and besides a little gang activity its fine, it does have a history with race issues however concerning it was the home of the Race Riots, where school shut down and SWAT was called

  18. ZephyrUnderground

    A friend of mine on my wrestling team here in el paso who just transferred from santa monica just told me about this.

  19. Blog Fiend

    In Los Angeles – we see all the time black students call white kids “white bitch” and smack them around or Asian students “Chicks” and smack them around. Somehow the media doe not get around to reporting these “hate crimes”

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