AMAZING: 65 Year Old CA Woman Shoots and Fights Off FIVE Armed Robbers

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25 responses to “AMAZING: 65 Year Old CA Woman Shoots and Fights Off FIVE Armed Robbers”

  1. XxBeJeweledDancerxX

    It happens but the indisputable truth is that where guns are scarce criminals run rampant. That includes neighborhoods, cities, states and, yes, entire countries where the peasants have nothing to resist their genocidal overlords. Remember your history; when they come for your guns they are about to take everything else. Peace.

  2. jijomify

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  3. Gladys Levy

    Really? So the criminal bankers and investors who stole your tax dollars and people’s hard earned savings are what color? James Holmes – the Colorado shooter, the men who recently shot and killed their entire families – The Columbine killers, …. are what color? Don’t make it a race thing idiot. Criminals are character deficient and crime is color blind.

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  5. VooDoo669

    I agree 100%

  6. cinnastax91

    Okay, do a test for me. Select a poor white neighborhood and a poor black neighborhood. Walk thru each neighborhood after dark from 10pm to midnight and see which one you’re in more danger in. In the black neighborhood you are FAR more danger from violent roving gangs and robbers.

  7. cinnastax91

    If you have reading comprehension issues, you can re-read & I CLEARLY put that I understand all races commit crimes, but blacks are committing WAY WAY WAY more crimes BY PERCENTAGE. In other words, take 100 whites and 100 blacks, the crime rate is WAY greater among the 100 black group. You can try to spin all you want, but crime and prison statistics don’t lie. I don’t know if it’s a genetic or cultural problem, but I think the govt needs to study WHY the crimes rates differ so dramatically.

  8. empress solace

    You go Granny!!!

  9. Subvert1024

    I could not agree more. No offence but you guys in the UK are pretty screwed if your invaded or someone tries to rob you ect. I cannot imagine not having guns legal. Everyone I know has at least one, most many more than that.

  10. nick da tripp


  11. HPBish

    What a joke when the one man says “just like the police you are accountable to where those bullets go.” The police are accountable for their lists of expenses (tips, massages and such) as they spend their two-three-four week paid vacations waiting to be undoubtedly exonerated and reimbursed and lets not forget their medals for bravery. Quite a price to pay, eh?

  12. HPBish

    Isn’t there another tribal group which via their population % commits ten times the crimes blacks or anyone else commits? (wink wink)

  13. magprob

    What jew talkin bout Willis!?

  14. cinnastax91

    Not that I’m aware of.

  15. unsheepled

    PHK the media, Defend and protect thats your right !
    The would be robber dont give a hoot about innocent bystanders , never have! What if a store owner decides to wait( 10 minutes?) for popo to get there, and someone gets killed by the robbers… whose fault will they ‘make’ that?

  16. Stopwhitegenocide123

    fucking niggers

  17. llg4ever

    Granny rocks! Guns don’t kill people, people do!

    Arm yourselves America, it’s the constitution!

  18. ThePatriotMuckraker

    Naturally the robbers were a cadre of aids monkeys.

  19. DirtyPotatoFarmer

    Too sad they weren’t made into good niggers…

  20. DougWulfram

    LOL @ supposed (brave) niggers running away like frightened mice!

  21. THX1146

    Don’t give up your guns.Don’t add to the mess the sheeple caused in the first place.Live with people you like and trust and don’t lie about it.Now go to hell and get the place cleaned up,you deserve it.

  22. bakersfieldmusicnow

    YEES..go granma.! keep and bear arms..!ALWAYS

  23. bakersfieldmusicnow

    2 dislikes..??.reeeeally…oh you must be with the NWO…your sad

  24. Duffter

    Blacks commit more crimes, not just in America – worldwide. Anywhere they congregate always degenerates into a crime riddled hole and they ALWAYS blame whitey. Their own countries are dangerous, gang controlled nightmares, and the only reason there’s even a hint of livability in their Western world neighbourhoods is because whitey is spending a fortune educating, policing and funding their living. Reparations & slavery my ass they’re all over the world crying this even where there was never sla

  25. Duffter

    even where there was never slavery or even blacks until the last couple decades, murdering, raping, stealing and terrorising gangs of lazy cowards. Watch Europe & US degenerate into a third world shithole as more hoards of blacks & Muslims keep arriving. And the Europeans are too decadent and media brainwashed to do anything. It’s gone too far.

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