Aquille Carr Has The BEST Handles In High School; 2011 Summer Mixtape!

Follow: Like: Here is the 5’6 “Crime Stopper” dominating the 2011 summer circuit. The junior recently was placed on the cover of Dime Magazine, only the 5th high school player ever to be on it. He received Co-MVP honors at the Elite 24 as well. Keep up with The Mars Reel for more of Aquille’s highlights coming soon! Original Post:

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25 responses to “Aquille Carr Has The BEST Handles In High School; 2011 Summer Mixtape!”

  1. ProudGentleman

    That kid in the yellow at the 0:35 mark got crossed up just watching him crossover another guy.

  2. QuincyUKMiller

    Dropped 0:37

  3. SElite112

    How do you stop him?

  4. selectoid855

    not the best handles, but the best hesitation

  5. supan821

    ive seen him play be4 he doesnt have a left hand watch and evrythings right handed

  6. TheDTNOVA

    @supan821 it still works

  7. Texadaboyz

    @themarsreel and hes turning 19 LOL!

  8. BallaholicNo10in89

    aquille carr eats pewee and kiwi for breakfast.

  9. BallaholicNo10in89

    @supan821 lol watch again. 0:54, 1:04, 1:18. and those are difficult left handed layups, to say that hes doesnt have a left hand is a little far fetched.

  10. themarsreel

    @Texadaboyz LOL! No he’s not

  11. twotwoHAM15

    @GayleTomson hahaha i gtta like this

  12. supan821

    @BallaholicNo10in89 watch his hoopmixtape tho

  13. hardwoodmixtapes

    how old is he? I heard he got held back a couple of years but idk if its true

  14. drewgilchrist

    Is that 20 and up league? Oh… Ok…

  15. oletsgetit

    peewee vs aquille

  16. Texadaboyz

    @themarsreel yes he is, i go to school wit him and friends wit him on facebook

  17. MikeKarikari

    1:46 he got up there with his vert


    he’s SO DAAAAMN FAAAAASSSSTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 336freeman

    finger roll with right hand give me something different

  20. YungQueo123456789

    His crossover is the best

  21. 1m4rl0n2

    @MikeKarikari haha that’s not him, he made the pass

  22. illflavedave

    aquille vs pewee thts what i wanna see

  23. SuperJkelley23

    Aquille Is Better Than Kiwi And Peewee Aquille Siad It Him self

  24. ExonTricks


  25. mittalsteel1

    crime stopper fo sho

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