arrested moron English teacher in  japan 税金の無駄、英語講師を逮捕

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  1. goodmanj

    As a JET in Okinawa I find the message you wrote to other JETs appalling. Yes I am certified in TESOL and my degree is in Education, and I try my best. I do not know Japanese, but I spend 3 hours a day learning. What these girls did was against the law yes, but I cannot believe that you say you hate all gaijin because of two girls. Please take time to get to know foreigners before you decide to hate them. We don’t paint all japanese with the same brush, and we wish you wouldn’t do it to us

  2. ensortion

    I do not mean to get caught in an argument about this, but the comment in you video summary about hating gaijin just for them being in “your country”. I’m not saying that I condone drug use or that I think it was good that these particular people broke the law, of course that’s not ok. You are trying to connect one isolated incident with your racism to make a black and white case. Bullshit. YOU are the one giving Japan a bad name by pretty much spitting on anyone who isn’t Japanese…

  3. SpringH22O

    agijintedekei isn’t Japanese. He is a Gaijin himself. He is only pretending to be Japanese to try and strengthen his point. What a sad and pitiful human being.

  4. chillylottie

    Oh what, are Japanese people perfect then?

  5. ManicParroT

    To be perfectly fair, the JET program costs a lot, and it doesn’t entirely make sense without a much broader overhaul of the English education system. Putting JETs into a broken English education system is basically just sending more money into a black pit.

    Seriously, who here teaches high school and can honestly say that their children will have decent English when they graduate?

  6. goodmanj

    The point of the Jet programme is not English teaching. It is rather to teach about foreign culture, and help foster multiculturalism in Japan. I do agree that an overhaul of the English system in Japan is necessary though.

  7. ManicParroT

    Oh, I’ve heard the ‘internationalization’ schtick before. I sat through all the CLAIR presentations in Tokyo.

    A very large portion of the JET programme IS about education, though. Paying a bunch of 20-somethings money to ‘internationalise’ is a bit of a stretch, even for the spend happy Japanese government. I’m pretty confident it’s more about education, and less about internationalization.
    Things are getting better now that they teach english from shogakko, but they still have a way to go.

  8. goodmanj

    So if CLAIR, the organisers of the program, have said that this program is about intercultural education, by what authority do you say it is more about English. I agree that it is about “education” as you say, but the focus is internationalisation, language education is an also necessary, but not the primary goal of JETs.

  9. goodmanj

    The mission statement of the programme is to:
    “increase mutual understanding between the people of Japan and the people of other nations, to promote internationalisation in Japan’s local communities by helping to improve foreign language education, and to develop international exchange at the community level.”
    the focus in this statement seems to me to be on internationalisation.

  10. joebear80

    I completely agree! The system for learning and teaching English to Japanese kids is terrible!
    I have seen it first hand, and I think it’s very much a socio-cultural thing too. The kids never disagree with teacher’s horrible pronunciation or right out faults, and if a couple of students accidentally get good at speaking English – they hide it in fear of being “outside the group”.

  11. TheRoadGoesEverOn

    agijintedekei we know you are a fuking troll go to hell son of Bitch

  12. myargonauts

    I’ve watched the video – thanks for bringing it to my attention. I won’t be approving it as a response video to my vids tho.

  13. joebevis92

    I agree it’s a problem that gaijin are not able to speak japanese. But I have a problem with you accusing all gaijin of being criminals. To get a visa in japan you need to have a degree so gaijin working japan are higly educated individuals, there are some who ruin it for other but 90% work hard.

    America and the UK has its problems with unskilled foreingers just look at the amount of people who can’t speak English in the USA, they can still get citizenship.

  14. drhikarisan

    yes it is terrible that this teacher was smuggling drugs. However that does not mean that all gaijins would ever do such a thing. Thats the same as saying if a japanese teacher came to the usa and murdered someone then all of them must be murderers.

    I am a gaijin currently and I am very insulted by your racist opinions of us. so what? we’re different then you? If we weren’t different it would a very boring world.

    However I know that you are the exception to the rule as were those teachers.

  15. drhikarisan

    it’s true, some people will do terrible things. but not all of them.

    I hope that with the change in the education system which requires that 5th and 6th graders be taught English will improve the program. But regardless of it, it is possible for japanese students to graduate and speak basic english and they would be able to survive in the us if they chose to.

    just as you dont like people bad mouthing japan, americans dont like it when you bad mouth the usa either. its just as rude both ways

  16. drhikarisan

    one last thing, as for you stating that gaijins refuse to learn english. To us japanese is a very intimidating language to learn. There are those of us who really enjoy learning the language and work hard at it in hopes that one day they can be accepted as japanese and not have a language barrier standing between them.

    then there are those who choose not to learn japanese because english is part of their culture. sure its not the best reason, but to each his own.

    get off your high horse.

  17. intro2the1

    I personally do not ever want to or expect to be accepted as Japanese. I think it will never happen and that is ok. I feel as long as I am treated with the same respect that I give then things are alright.

    I am not here to convince you not to hate all gaijin, that’s up to you. I’m here for my students, they are my priority. If ALTs were not here I shudder to think they may grow just as ignorant and spiteful as you, in a country that cannot afford that way of thinking for too much longer.

  18. haikousei

    totally ignoranece.

    you say that while your militiary has been in japan for over 50 years. japan stuck in so called American Alliance.. you americans are the one on the high supremacist horse…japanese learn english because compelled to do so.. you gaijin white people have free option to learn japanese or not.. most not…. you are privileged with your white status.

    get off your highest of all horses

  19. drhikarisan

    I never once mentioned the military nor do I have any ties with the military, do not take me and make me your scapegoat for your problems with america. It is not my fault that English is one of the most widely used languages and that I just happened to be born an american who naturally speaks english.

    I choose to learn japanese as a language and hopefully I can learn japanese customs and traditions as well as I hope to one day be accepted by the japanese as a whole.

  20. drhikarisan

    But I know that I may have to fight for that acceptance and that is something I am willing to do. I will not fight with knives and guns but instead with my intelligence and reasoning. Everything I have done to learn japanese was not just handed to me, it is something I fought for and earned with the sweat of my own brow so don’t just say that we are automatically given the option of it. No one provided me with that option, I chose it myself.

    I will not be your scapegoat, we can be reasonable

  21. drhikarisan

    and the reason I care about this is that the original poster of this video took it and tried to use it to blame every single foreigner that has ever been in japan or hopes to go to japan. I would be the same as if a Japanese man was caught selling drugs and I cam and posted the video of his capture and made it a rallying point for why japanese should not be allowed into america. blaming everyone for one persons mistake is what can easily start a war.

  22. DJmixmastermicro

    you are totally correct!

    btw im american, black, and i must say you hit the nail on the proverbial head.

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