Atlanta Schools Cheating Scandal

Numerous teachers and principals in the Atlanta public school system were caught cheating to improve student scores on standardized tests in part for financial bonuses. Ana Kasparian and Michael Shure discuss. The Largest Online News Show in the World. Facebook: Subscribe: TYT Mobile: Twitter: FREE Movies(!): Read Ana’s blog and subscribe at: Read Cenk’s Blog:

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25 responses to “Atlanta Schools Cheating Scandal”

  1. nokiaicon

    I failed to believe that report I guarantee their are some innocent teachers caught up in that foolishness shame on the State Of Georgia

  2. glorp896

    all racists COMMENCE THE ATTACK! massive negro assault on truth, honesty and the american way (which generally has been fair, free and open competition, especially if u have lots of money…

    this was a huge black thing, the schools were well over 90% black, 95%+ is what i’ve heard… and the black lady running the show was awarded with a medal for her improvement of her students! she should be in jail… BEVERLY HALL, queen of cheating in Atlanta… google BLACK INVENTION MYTHS

  3. UCSDEngineerDoctor

    Fuck the UNIONs, & fuck you OBAMA. For ex Beverly Hall, we the taxpayer have to subsidize her lavish lifestyle, 500K salary, vacationing in HAWAII, almost 3 months of vacation time each year, on top of sick leave & holidays, her pension, retirement, healthcare(I bet her lazy fat ass, she on a cocktail of drugs) – how wonder our kids flunk out, we are broke! The taxpayers are paying them to sit on there fat lazy ass all day making up numbers. OBAMA wants bigger UNIONs bankrupting each state.

  4. kirabook

    Says the redneck in camo and tampons.

  5. kirabook


    It’s all about social location and who is funded and who isn’t. There are still white people in those ‘ghetto’ schools and I bet you 100% they did no better. Where and which family you are born to is a big play in this. But I guess you wouldn’t know that since you spew uneducated nonsense.

  6. camoflaugetampex

    @kirabook Fuck you stupid nigger.

  7. camoflaugetampex

    Niggers get caught cheating and then they turn it into a race thing

    ” Oh massa massa we gotsa cheat massa cuz we’s not smart massa”

  8. mrberstein

    @kirabook Bullshit on your funding theory. Yeah, true, some whites don’t do well in school. But what we are talking about here is 44 schools of blacks failing test, that’s right, 44 SCHOOLS OF BLACKS FAILING. The black board members, black principles and black teachers are not saying that funding prevented them from teaching so cheating was necessary. These blacks be “ignant” and there’s no fucking excuse for it!!!!!

  9. kirabook

    I’m not making excuses, I’m sure many of those kids could give 2 $hits about about school. But why do you think that is? Because of their social location. Where they live, having an education means nothing. They will most likely stay where they are for the rest of their lives & never do anything for themselves.

  10. kirabook


    What the teachers did was unforgivable. If they are looking for funding, this was not the way to go. If the teachers actually cared & they had the materials they need, that’s 2x the improvement.

  11. kirabook

    What does massa mean?

  12. sooperfukker

    Ah finally that self satisfied loudmouth bastard is GONE #FTW

  13. camoflaugetampex

    @kirabook LMFAO

  14. landrovermarv

    The problem is that certain “Chirrens” these days value the importance of sports more than they value being studious. They think that the NBA or the NFL is their ticket to a better life….higher education is the best route to go. I dont care if there is an all black school or all white school. A HS or college degree will carry you far in life more than a damn basketball or football. Be true to school everyone.

  15. astrofrk

    Don’t blame the teachers, blame the pressure from the “No Child Left Behind” act. Let me ask you a question: If your boss forced or ordered you to be dishonest, would you so it in order to save your livelyhood? Anyone who said “NO!” was already fired. You can rename it: “No Childs Behind Left!”

  16. dwschultzfla

    Now we have the Cover Your Behind Act.

  17. dwschultzfla

    @astrofrk Obama has contracts with KBR and Xe (formerly Blackwater). He has started an illegal war in Libya. He has no explicit authorization from congress to commit troops in Libya. GWB had authorization from congress. The left wanted GWB impeached and tried for war crimes. BO. has no authorization and is killing innocent Children in Libya.In accordance with leftie principles Shouldn’t Obama Be impeached and charged with War Crimes? Where is that cry from the left or are lefties HYPOCRITES?

  18. astrofrk

    @dwschultzfla I wasn’t talking politics here. I voted independant and if it were up to me, politicians on both sides would be shot. I am not a Republocrat or a Demopublican, I am an American and I wish you partison asswholes would give me my country back! We are talking about children and politics doesn’t belong in this conversation at all. Perhaps when people start caring more about thier children and country than thier corrupt parties, our kids might get smarter too!

  19. 51Rainy

    Why are teachers and administrators cheating? It’s the “Race to the Top” contest. It’s causing teachers to fear for their jobs. It’s bringing out the greed deep down in side of people; Check out this video on youtube. Type in:

    “Race to the Top Round Two Winners Announcement”

    It’s not just happening in the black schools of Atlanta, Georgia. It’s happening all over this country even is predominately white schools. God knows. The love of money truly is the root of all evil.

  20. 51Rainy

    Quote taken from “THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary on April 14, 2000”:

    “The President will call on Congress to pass an education bill that invests in proven strategies for reform instead of gimmicks like vouchers and includes his Education Accountability Act, which requires states to help turn around failing schools or shut them down.”

    Yes, Bill Clinton started this…Bush left off where Clinton began, and Obama continued this reform putting more pressure on teachers to cheat.

  21. 51Rainy

    During the Bush Admin’s “NCLB Act, teachers’ jobs were on the line, students were being told if they didn’t pass the tests, they would not graduate, administrators were told they’d have to shut down schools, etc. As a result, Bush encouraged lowing standards, realizing ALL students don’t learn at the same pace. Obama criticized Bush for lowing the standards and started “Race to the Top,” which has caused even more damage to education.

    I’m a retired 30 year teacher who knows the truth.

  22. vikingaprinsessan

    Why not just take the test in a gym with all classes together? That’s what we did when we had standardized tests.

  23. JACKtheRIPP3R189

    @kylemas2005 “all black students”

    Making shit up? How typical of a racist to think they’re superior when they’re the worst example of the breed. I daresay your teacher had to cheat to get you through english class judging by your grammar and spelling.

  24. idchop

    LMAO there once was a time when a white racist in America was something to fear but now the worst thing they can do is sit behind a computer and type derogatory words. Honestly I fear the participants of the Special Olympics more than I fear these fools. Back on topic however this is one of the most pathetic stories I’ve heard in a long time. Maybe if the students weren’t so busy dicking around then they could get respectable scores on their own.

  25. 51Rainy

    @erroneousapostrophe Many superintendents are allowing cheating to take place all over this nation. One day, what is done in the dark will clearly be seen in the light. Just wait and see. I’ve worked with black and white teachers. They all cheat. It’s all about recognition, bonus checks, and not being fired. Test scores and data results everywhere are being inflated!!!!!!!!! Whites, blacks, and all other races of teachers are cheating! Why? The love of money is truly the root of all

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