Attack Dogs used on a High School Walkout in MD, Four Students Charged With “Thought Crimes”

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24 responses to “Attack Dogs used on a High School Walkout in MD, Four Students Charged With “Thought Crimes””

  1. XxBeJeweledDancerxX

    @RealistReality Yeah i know. The state and it’s liability is FAR MORE important then these human beings’ right to fight for a real education. But here you are proving once again that all these institutions do is churn out state owned human resources without an ounce of common sense. Long live the Homeland!

  2. XxBeJeweledDancerxX

    @homesteadway The reason this is happening is because people are in a trance, usually staring at glowing screen when they should be driving, learning, playing with their kids, educating their kids, keeping an eye on scared witless politicians and bloodthirsty foreign bankers who own them now.

  3. XxBeJeweledDancerxX

    @homesteadway I meant to agree with you just in case it didn’t come out that way. Peace.

  4. DizzyDish

    Im guessing but I dont know,,, That they do not teach the kids how to speak a whole sentence with out saying the word …LIKE……geeeeez

  5. darkesco

    Amen! there are no rights in school. They can search your locker without a warrant. I am all for freedom, but minors in school should sit down and STFU

  6. newsparks47

    Get real! The most beautiful youth in this country are spiritual children whose parents did not sign them over to the government. Wake up from your tv comatose now please.

  7. newsparks47

    The PARENTS signed them into government custody when they registered them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Educate yourself damnit! Be pissed at the irresponsible parents! Many of the mothers don’t even have jobs, they call there jobs ‘stay at home mom’, well bull sh*t! If you stay at home all day or most of the day then you should be educating your children so they don’t grow up to be corrupted!! Wake up people, it’s time to get REAL.

  8. newsparks47

    Thank you! As if these kids care about nutrition or education with makeup on and cell phones in their pockets, yeah…. right. They want to stay home and watch MTV all damned day, they could care less. “Let’s get some tv airtime and maybe we’ll get offered a reality tv show, yeah! Let’s do it!”

  9. XxBeJeweledDancerxX

    I’m sorry, was the ‘educate yourself’ exlamation intended for me or the ignorant/lazy parents you were fuming at?

  10. cbarsonfire

    Typical Maryland fucking goons! What message does this send to kids? Nothing worse than a lying asshole who tells the kids the dogs were there to train.

    Where is the outrage from the parents? Bunch of damn sheep.


  11. CampingCreations4U

    men willing to let loose of attack beasts on children. Ain’t anything to say to that; you just do something.

  12. medini2

    just tried to look them up on FB…El Cambio. i couldn’t find it.

  13. maxx1000

    Try harder
    h t t p ;/ / w w w (.) facebook (.)com /thecambio

  14. oplatre

    Let’s not get rude bc I WILL get rude back. AS I STATED PREVIOUSLY, put your negative energy to work and find a positive way to get the facts out other than being a jackass, people will only TUNE YOU OUT! The world coming to an end at the hands of tainted religious beliefs, governmental systems, and the AntiChrist is inevitable for that is the only way to completely rid the universe and God’s people of evil and sin for good.

  15. dontlikenumbers

    These students need to be taught ALL of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Not just the snips that are convenient. And the Declaration of Independence would be another good one for them to study. They are right in one thing, they are not getting a very good education, and now they are learning about the “police state”.

  16. Gasosag

    The school is run by Mr Burns

  17. newsparks47

    LMAO! Kid, you’ve got a LOT of growing up to do, so educate yourself while you still have the chance and save your ignorant comments for your fellow high school friends. 

  18. fedupwitumboth

    These children need parents!! They are defending philippino teachers who’s visas have expired? Activists? Give me a break!! They are immature babies who are being indoctrinated to oppose all “legal” establishment. How about giving those jobs to unemployed American teachers?

  19. ZCorporationAlpha

    OMFG, I went to Grammar school 1980 – 1990, (Included Kindergarten & Repeat 7th Grade ) High School 1990 – 1994, all we ever thought of was. Baseball after school, Music, Fun, Etc…..Holy Shit, WTF is going on today ! ? THERE JUST KIDS !

  20. ZCorporationAlpha

    THANK GOD I AM 36 ! I would NOT want to be a Kid today !

  21. undeadpresident

    I don’t find this very credible

  22. ivanchavez

    Thought crime? Srsly? Think about it. Oh wait, don’t before you get charged with a crime. What is this country coming to.

  23. SPKaa

    I would say they *are* getting a very good education in how screwed up some authority is.

  24. DorkVader26

    You’re so clueless or bias it’s sad. Every single tea party event has been required to get a permit. I really pity your ignorance or dishonesty which ever it is it’s sad.

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