Australia Bans Guns, Crime Rate Increases | Gun Control Fail

Liberals calling for Gun Ban after Connecticut school shooting. Ron Paul: Let Teachers Have Guns – Connecticut School Shooting: What We Know

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25 responses to “Australia Bans Guns, Crime Rate Increases | Gun Control Fail”

  1. DillonDee1

    To all Republicans – Texas laws prohibit guns in Amusement Parks where you’ve many vulnerable children, at Churches & at Profressional Sporting Events – please work with us to get these laws repealed

    And get this – my 18 year old son can join the military but at eighteen is considered too young to buy a handgun in Tex

    We’ve also got a law that prohibits me from having a handgun in my car — it must be in the trunk – LIKE IT’S GONNA DO ME A LOTTA GOOD IN THE TRUNK – WE’RE A STAND-GROUND STATE!

  2. 98nafets

    “Yes people choose to use guns, but less guns means it is harder to make that choice. Common sense.”

    Yeah, cause it’s hard to get illegal drugs in the U.S. Common sense.

  3. psycho26shon

    But they allow teachers to carry them in schools:) yes, we need to repeal those laws!

  4. TheRiggenbach

    O, you mean you don’t have a private, armed security detail like DiFi?

  5. SCIFIguy64

    I’d probably ban guns where kids are at. Leave it to the security at the front gate.

  6. SCIFIguy64

    Gun bans take them from gun owners law abidding or not. We can use a search warrent if we find evidence of a firearm with a law like this.

  7. Chris Pilkington

    If America takes on a gun ban the crime would be higher then anyone could imagine as a law enforcement officer myself I pray that its not only up to us to protect the people of America there would not be anywhere near enough officers to control this.

  8. DillonDee1

    Any person should be able to buy any gun they want any place they want & take it any where they want.

    Freedom isn’t free. You must fight for your rights.

  9. DillonDee1

    Yes — Any person should be able to buy any gun they want from any place they want & take it any where they want.

    Freedom isn’t free. You must fight for your rights.

  10. 7IGHTANG3L

    Alex Jones / David Icke / Alex Collier = Truth

    Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura / Jesse Ventura 2016

    Flu Shots/Vaccines / Aspartame / Fluoride / MSG / GMO foods = Poison

    Tyberonn – Atlantis / Superstorms / Global Warming @ Spirit Library . com

    Astral Projection/Out-Of-Body-Experience is Real

    the Illuminati/NWO will be Defeated!

    We are all One. We must raise our vibration. Visualize Earth and all of its inhabitants filled with and surrounded by Love and Light.

  11. Joe Schmoe

    Does the production/cultivation of “illegal drugs” require the same resources as the manufacture of guns? Does using “illegal drugs” make the same loud noise as firing a gun?

  12. 98nafets

    “Does the production/cultivation of “illegal drugs” require the same resources as the manufacture of guns? Does using “illegal drugs” make the same loud noise as firing a gun?”

    Neither of those questions are even relevant. Who cares if drugs and guns are produced in different ways, and what difference is it if guns make noise when they are shot? The very fact that you hear a shot means someone was able to obtain a gun, which was the issue at hand in the original comment.

  13. Michael Smith

    Re home invasions: if despite having revolvers, bolt-action rifles and pump shotguns these people were still overwhelmed, why do we think having a glock or and AR15 would have made any difference?

  14. Michael Smith

    Re home invasions: if this is a new phenomenon still to be defined, there are presumably no current statistics, much any way to claim that there are 21% more than there were 16 years ago. (Indeed, there is no such crime category as ‘home invasions’ in the Australian Bureau of Statistics.)

  15. Michael Smith

    From the Australian Bureau of Statistics:
    Murders 1997: 321; 2011: 244
    Armed robberies 1997: 9054; 2011: 5957

    All major crime categories I looked at were down since the ban, with the exception of kidnapping, which stayed constant at 3 per 100K.

    Where do the statistics in this video come from?

    By way of comparison:
    US murders per 100K population: 4.8; 67% with a gun (FBI UCRs)
    Australia murders per 100K: 1.1; 17% with a gun.

  16. Davidhoodjones

    Uhh, Because they had to keep them locked up nearly impossible to access?

  17. Michael Smith

    First, any responsible owner will keep his guns locked up when not in use.

    Second, the video certainly made it seem like this had something to do with the ban on semi-automatic weapons.

  18. Davidhoodjones

    A bolt gun is slow to operate, putting the user at a disadvantage against fast or multiple threats. If they were just as good, why ban the semi autos anyway? I have a semi-auto rifle, they’re not horrible killing machines, they are the minimum you can effectively defend your home with.

  19. Michael Smith

    The chance of your home being invaded is what – a million to one? The odds against your home being invaded by a gang nimble enough to avoid a pump-action shotgun a close range are infinitesimal. If you need a thirty-round magazine and the ability to fire a round every second and a half to defend your living room, you must live in a Quentin Tarantino film.

  20. Davidhoodjones

    Hell of a lot more likely than a million to one, and most likely to increase in the future, and my country has a constitution that protects my right as a law abiding citizen to own competent weapons to defend myself, my home, and anyone else, regardless of whether or not you, with your infinite knowledge of guns, think I need them.

  21. Michael Smith

    In  the US, your odds of being a robbery victim last year were about 1 in 1000, according to the FBI. About a fifth of these robberies occurred in the home. Supposing that a fifth of these were genuine home invasions, not friends you invited in, etc.,overall one home in 25,000 was invaded last year.

    But if you are not a drug dealer and live in a low-crime suburb , I think we can say your odds no more than 1 in 100,000. That’s probably a better guess than my original one of 1 in a million.

  22. Michael Smith

    But I still think the odds of your being in a situation where you are unable to defend yourself with a pump shotgun and need an AR15 are very, very, low.

  23. Davidhoodjones

    Doesn’t matter what you think. Why should I take ANY risk of losing my life, (no matter how small), because of what you or anyone else thinks about the odds of me needing a decent defense rifle? Why SHOULDN’T I have it, would be a better question, besides, many other’s have had to resort to using them to fend off looters and rioters, I think the odds are high enough that I am justified in having one. In the event that I never need it to defend myself, I still have a great rifle for sporting use.

  24. agungwibawaAR15

    I am totally not agree to gun ban.
    Gun ban is not the answer that can reduce the crimes in the US, but increase the crime in the US.
    If you talk about CT massacre the gun is not the problem, the problem is mental disorder, the parent of adam lanza didn put the gun save and let the kid access that gun, also what the government must do for every gun buyer is not only background check but meantal check that is the most importance.

  25. Trea Jacobs

    Farmers don’t farm lions they farm sheep. Governments want us unarmed so they can forces us to their will they don’t want us in control for that won’t let them keep their cushy high paying lives that do nothing for us but cause us harm. More laws and government is like a farmer killing a rebellious cow or goat. If we put up a fight the more restrictions they make or we we’re put in prison.

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