Basketball’s Next Big Thing: Aquille Carr

At just 5’7 Baltimore’s high school basketball star Aquille Carr defies gravity. CNN’s Chris Lawrence reports.

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24 responses to “Basketball’s Next Big Thing: Aquille Carr”

  1. BettaWithToast

    He doesn’t come across like a big arrogant asshole to me. Looks like he enjoys the game, and enjoys himself as he play it. As far as the “i’m gonna prove em wrong everytime” that’s just a great mentality to have. My brother is that way when he’s playing ball, but a very humble guy outside of the lines. I hate that people judge athletes for their own court personality. That’s an entirely different thing than their regular life personality…though he could still be an asshole, I don’t know him

  2. TheTseman

    To ba he got arrested…

  3. hmwillow


  4. splash1234561

    he didnt beat her she lied there wasnt any evidence of her being hurt and she didnt wanna go to the hospital that lying bitcchh

  5. DLaFlare1000

    she jus want his money. smh she probably stole his condom…

  6. chronicballer420

    The police found no noticeable injury to the woman and she received no medical attention at the scene. Probably just another overblown story… wait til the facts come out before saying he “beating his babies mother”

  7. jumbokevin

    I was so hopeful about him making the NBA until the part when he mentioned he had a daughter to take care of. That dude’s got his hands tied up as it is

  8. WilltheDILF

    She probably refused medical attention due to not having insurance. There will probably never be real facts behind the story, so we’ll never know who’s guilty. Then again, why would she lie about getting beaten?

  9. WilltheDILF

    You can get hit but not have any noticeable marks. Also, she probably didn’t want medical attention because she doesn’t have insurance, dipshit. Think before you speak.

  10. Jonealswhs

    baby mama 26 damn

  11. Withnail47

    Hahaha crimestopper sounds so funny right now

  12. daremaster96

    Next big thing in jail


    No one said that he did it. He was accused of doing it key word ACCUSED!! Stop talking about it people. His baby mom’s claimed he did but showed no evidence and even though saying “She thinks her arm is broke” as a result of the beating she didn’t even want to go to the hospital to check it out. He just got caught up in the scheme of one of the many fucked up bitches he have in this world. SMH.

  14. poopshoot36401

    40% crime lol i wonder why?

  15. TokyoNookNetwork

    She was not beaten, she call the police and refused to EMT aid and Had no signs of injury, I think all charges will be dropped!

  16. MrRealLiFly

    u ever watch the news? the police could NOT find a single proof of him beating his 26 year old girl, but they still arrested him. AND when the police asked the b!tch to go to the hospital she refused.
    ain’t that a story?

  17. MrRealLiFly

    damn people need to know the real insight before bullsh!ting aroung here on the case

  18. Flamangatang

    wait what? How is she not in jail for that shit?

  19. ZackOnTheStreet

    wew , HOOPMIXTAPE got on CNN wew

  20. ThemSavageBros

    Y’all dumb as hell he didn’t do it she a liar

  21. samtkennedy

    you cant teach height….. eeeewwwww sorrrry

  22. JClutch26

    I think he averages like 5-6 steals per game and 8 or 9 assists. Steals aint everythin on defense but they mean alot same goes for assists and ruinnin the point

  23. Mark Nelson

    This guy is so very cool !! i like this player and i want him to be with kevin durant ..

  24. icyboy771z

    lol at 1:26 the guy trying to taunt his height

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