BBC argues with Israeli Spokesman over UN School Bombing

Great interview where Israeli spokesman Mark Regev is taken to task by Jeremy Paxman over the UN School bombing in Gaza. “You knew what you were doing didnt you?” is Paxmans combative opening

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25 responses to “BBC argues with Israeli Spokesman over UN School Bombing”

  1. foohan2001

    And my question remains unanswered – how does that impact the land that currently forms israel and the disputer teritory

  2. JBgarbuz

    Yup. THe Palestinians are a defeated people, who rejected a state in 1947, and chose war and “resistance” which only led to further losses. They are still being offered a MUCH better deal than the Singhalese in Sri Lanka offered the Tamils. If they still don’t want to accept the extremely reasonable offer that Netanyahu has offered the, i.e., a demilitarized, peaceful state alongside Israel, then it means they still want to continue the war. The ball is in their court, where it always has been.

  3. JBgarbuz

    Essentially yes.

  4. Maxmaps

    Paxman is a dog, I love him.

  5. foohan2001

    That pretty much sums up your intelligence for me too.

  6. JBgarbuz

    As you wish. The truth still remains the truth nonetheless.

  7. fathersecrets

    the palestenians agrred ,the israelis wanted the whole land for their own, plz check ur history

  8. fathersecrets

    there was an israeli nation thousands of years ago, since they fles from the romans the palestenians and arabs have lived there for thousands of years then come the israelis who want to take their land

  9. fathersecrets

    settlements were purchased in a country that doesnt mean they own it. like if u bought a house in a neighbourhood , that doesnt mean u own the neighberhood does it

  10. JBgarbuz

    We’re talking about sovereignty, not ownership of private property. If today Jews or Arabs owned 99% of the land in Ireland, it would still be the Irish homeland nonetheless. SOVEREIGNTY is what we are talking about, not ownership of private property. The League of Nations determined that the Jewish National Home is historically in what the British called Palestine. They gave Jews the right to return and reestablish Jewish SOVEREIGNTY in the land, but not to steal private property.

  11. JBgarbuz

    THere was the Kingdom of Israel made up about 10 tribes, and the Kingdom of Judah made up of 2 tribes. Both kingdoms eventually succumbed to foreign conquest and occupation. The last king was Herod, but he was not recognized by the people because he was not of the bloodline of David, and was the child of Edomite Arab converts to Judaism, and a puppet of the Romans who were the actual occupiers in India. Yes, most Jews were either killed, forced out or had to convert to Islam. But some remained.

  12. JBgarbuz

    What did the Palestinians agree to? What? When? Where? What documents or proof? What did they agree to? What history should I check?

  13. fathersecrets

    check anywhere the arabs always agreed to peace treaties and ceasefire(that were broken by israelis) and when arabs want to make treaties like the 2 state treaty and lots of others that the israelis have made inhuman

  14. fathersecrets

    the kingdom of israel DID exist but only thousands of years ago, its like as if the italians went across the world and said we used to live here so its our country now

  15. JBgarbuz

    Give me one treaty that Israel ever broke. Ever!
    What two state treaty. PLEASE BE SPECIFIC AND TELL US DATES, ETC. I can’t reply to incorrect generalities.

  16. JBgarbuz

    Well, it’s nice of you to acknowledge that there once was a Kingdom of Israel, even if it was over 2700 years ago.That’s one kingdom more than any Arab ever had on our ancient land.But Irish and English did come to North America and Australia and other large lands and say “This is our country now!” EVen when they had not one shred of history outside of Ireland or England or Germany. ANyhow, what is important is that the League of Nations in 1922 recognized historic Jewish rights to the country.

  17. MrTruthisoutthere

    He tries so desperately to find fault with Israel. Yet, no other country in the world has been so unfortunate as to have gained experience fighting in civilian areas around human shields. The Israeli military has unfortunately become the best in the world. Israel cares more about innocent human life (including that of Palestinian families) than Hamas! Why isnt a careless Hamas leader up there being grilled? Those who demonize Israel are wearing blinders. Wake Up!

  18. Mituhori

    eat shit and die zionist.

  19. brachj

    How can you claim that Israel cares more about human life than Hamas when the IDF herds civilians into a building only to bomb that very same building? The Zeitoun Massacre is just one example of how the Israelis are incapable of using American weaponry in a responsible manner. We in the US are effectively state sponsorsof terror so long as we continue to prop up the Israeli military and economy. We need to start enforcing the Arms Export Control Act of 1976 and bring the Israelis to heel.

  20. MrTruthisoutthere

    Israel is not perfect but tries NOT to make mistakes. Other countries train in Israel when they have to fight battles in civilian areas. Israel invests more than any other country per capita in technology that preserves innocent life in battle. Every civilian death is a tragedy that becomes a disgusting victory for hamas in their battle for public opinion. Its easy to lash out at the country with its neck on the line but its time to read what Hamas actually says about jews in its charter.

  21. brachj

    The BBC reported on a series of shirts that were worn by IDF soldiers during the Attack on Gaza:

    One example shows a pregnant Arab women in the cross-hairs of a sniper’s sight with the legend “1 shot 2 kills”.
    Another design shows a child being similarly targeted with the slogan “the smaller they are, the harder it is”.

    What makes anyone who would wear such a shirt better than Hamas? Or a Nazi, for that matter?

  22. LadyPLo12

    jeah !!!! conk these murderers and liars

  23. brachj

    I heard that humanity originated in northeast Africa, so would it be just and/or legal for me to start building shit there under the guise that I’m ‘returning to my homeland’? The entire notion of Zionism amounts to little more than a movement among religious fundamentalists. The idea has no more credibility than the ideas of the Branch Dividians or Al Qaeda.

  24. omgodsword

    Israel – full of bullshit and lies.

  25. amilitarymind

    wow i cannot believe they made those shirts, that is disgusting, it sounds like a small issue but the idea of behind putting a pregnant woman on a t-shirt with a sniper’s crosshair saying “1 shot 2 kills” is just too much, some Israelis are really fuckin evil

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