BHS rally results in alleged assault A pep rally at Bakersfield High School on Friday went horribly wrong. What started out as harmless fun ended with the student body president being allegedly assaulted. The Valley championship game between BHS and Clovis West was scheduled for Friday night, so a rally was held at BHS to pump

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5 responses to “BHS rally results in alleged assault”

  1. rodriquh

    This is such Bull S**t! Something more should have been done. They should have brought all the students involved into custody. They got to go play the game like nothing was wrong. They were clearly out of line, and clearly knew they were doing more than just pushing someone around. This is clearly a criminal act. They knowingly assaulted him, several students jumped on Mitch. What happened to the campus cops that are supposed to keep students safe?

  2. CalPaintballer

    @rodriquh they got suspended

  3. DonavenDonDean

    Dumb asses! If you weren’t there don’t judge! Half the crap in the video was a bunch of crap… The BCSD guy wasn’t even on campus. When that happened, most of the people ARE in custody, plus they are on suspension and they loose anything that they were getting from Football, including scholarships. A lot of them are my friends.

  4. Drewkannonn

    hecks ya my school is bad ass wooooo man they made that seem way worse then it was guy was only suppose to go out their once dumbass i swear

  5. hollisterchic1120

    Well i get they wanted the football team to play valley. haha and theres mackie:P well idk about everybody else but i think its kinda cool one of our pep rallys was on tv:D poor guy tho..

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