Black & Dangerous (Part 1 of 4): Black Male Stereotypes & Weapons Detection

A Stanford University Psychologist addresses the Harvard University Law School where she describes several experiments that suggest White males & police officers subconsciously perceive Black Males as criminal and less than human. The results provide evidence of a strong automatic bidirectional association between Blacks & Crime. The image of a Black male can trigger unconscious thoughts of crime and thinking of crime can trigger unconscious thoughts of Black people. The simple presence of a Black Male may unknowingly cause thoughts of crime and violence attributed to that person. Other topics discussed include: Racial Profiling, Suspect Lineups, Death Penalty Sentencing, & the Association with Blacks & Animals. Lecture Date: March 10, 2007 Additional Research Information: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (Vol. 87, No. 6, 876-893) Seeing Black: Race, Crime, and Visual Processing (pdf format) Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (Vol. 39, 399-405) Targets of Discrimination: Effects of race on responses to weapons holders (pdf format) For related videos on 4truthandjustice also see: Welsing on FTP-part1c: I thought he had a weapon… Lethal Weapon: When what you watch on TV begins to matter

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