Blacks beat up White man for not letting them cut in line, no hate crime there 19 year old Maurice Gibbs was a football star at McKinley High School in Buffalo. He went off to Alfred State College to continue his football career, but around 2:30am on October 10th he was among eight people allegedly involved in beating a customer who refused to give up his spot in line at the Panda Chinese Restaurant near the college. “All of them are facing assault third which is a misdemeanor, and disorderly conduct which is a violation,” Alfred Police Sergeant Paul Griffith said. Six of the people arrested were students at Alfred College and played football there with Gibbs. The school says they’ve all been suspended and also dismissed from the football team. Preliminary hearings are being scheduled with the school to decide the students’ futures there. Police say originally it was thought this could be gang related or even a racial hate crime, but further investigation has ended that suspicion. “At no point during the investigation did that come up that this was a biased crime because of race or anything like that,” Sergeant Griffith said. Officers say there could be another arrest depending on what they find in surveillance video at the restaurant. “I believe one other person that we’re looking to identify in the video,” Sergeant Griffith said. “And once we’ve done that he’ll probably be arrested for the same charges.” The victim is a 20 year old student at Alfred College. He suffered minor injuries. Police haven’t officially released his name.

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25 responses to “Blacks beat up White man for not letting them cut in line, no hate crime there”

  1. Kdanc86

    Try that cut in line in a Dublin bar, you’ll get a knife in your gut.

  2. romanpr1nce


  3. giantmidget08

    I went to Alfred for 3 years back in the early 90’s and we never had these types of problems. We also never had football back then either. It’s sad to see that the hood mentality is reaching all the way that far into the country. Nearly 100 miles to the nearest big city and the idiots have finally found it.

  4. garrobito007

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  10. andrzejewski1960

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  11. thanewcomerz

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  12. VanMedia

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  13. sdtuu

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  14. cell9song

    Notice the report doesn’t even get into the fact of race until over a minute later. had this been reversed it would’ve been the highlight of the whole story. Don’t keep expecting the non-humans to continue to act civilized. Savages will always be savages.

  15. 34601k

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  23. lestr83

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