Bully beating Gay Student at School Hate Crime Caught on Tape News Story

Boy Assaults Gay Student as Cellphone Captures Attack on tape Bully Attacks Gay Student at High School wsyx wtte’ Mother Calls Son’s ‘Caught-on-Tape’ Beating a Hate Crime thoughts An Ohio high school student waited in a classroom to attack a 15-year-old gay classmate, beating him repeatedly in a vicious assault captured by a bystander on a cellphone “I covered myself and shielded my body, and he kept hitting,” the gay student, who did not want to be identified, told ABC’s affiliate WSYX in Ohio. “Nobody did anything.” Now the boy’s mother has said she would seek justice for the Oct. 17 beating. The Sheriff’s office said it is investigating the attack but so far has not made any arrests Principal at Union-Scioto High School, located about 50 miles south of Columbus, confirmed the “unfortunate” attack, and said “charges have been filed.” “It’s my son. I don’t care, and they did it just because he’s a homosexual.”Other students watched as the attacker waited for his victim to arrive in the classroom. He then shoved his prey to the ground, and repeatedly punched him in the face.”The boy stood there and waited and waited on him “As soon as he walked in the door, the boy hits.He asked ‘What did I do? Why are they doing this?’ and keeps walking away. He turns around and tries to defend himself and then he tries to get away and the boy grabs him and beats the living crap out of him.”Collins said her son broke two teeth, and may have suffered a concussion. “Just for all the people 

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25 responses to “Bully beating Gay Student at School Hate Crime Caught on Tape News Story”

  1. JonDeth

    The news should be sued because it’s slander, there has been no conviction. It’s all hearsay in the media and the two sides to the story have yet to be told.

    If we assume guilt without proper investigation and the upholding of rights for human beings on any level, the system will keep doing what it is doing and turning us into a planet of prisoners.

    You know a news story is fraudulent when the details insist guilt based on a single piece of evidence and there has been no trial.

  2. penguinkisesrmagical

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  3. ItsKaylaKatastrophie

    i went to unioto last year and i wana know if who the hell did this



  5. Joebrown35

    haha this is one bored nigga

  6. BarelyxBreathing1

    @TheAJGood Finally, someone understands. hah

  7. TheAJGood

    @BarelyxBreathing1 lol

  8. MrRandomGuySA

    i do not agree with homosexuallity but it think is cruel to bully and hurt gay people.

  9. dseme11

    one i fkn hate you pricks that do this ya put something caught on camera and wheres the video two gay kid deserved that shit faggots and pedos dont need to be here

  10. gpg20s

    People who beat gays are self hating cock cravers.

  11. MrSouthphillyitalian

    dam i cant dislike this corny video

  12. ThePandaBuffet

    The al crime is that people post stupid videos like this so that people who want to see it can’t find it.

  13. tiborvivi

    beating faggots is NOT a crime, it’s an environmental disease control.

  14. wsiklogfh

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  21. tiborvivi

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