Bus Monitor Karen Klein Bullied By School Children

Dislike this video to show your hate towards those kids. This disturbing video shows a 68-year-old bus monitor called Karen Klein being verbally bullied by a feral pack of vile middle schoolers, on their way home from the Athena Middle School in Greece, New York. A New York bus monitor who was berated and bullied by a group of middle school students will not press charges against the four seventh-graders, police said Thursday. A New York bus monitor who was berated and bullied by a group of middle school students will not press charges against the four seventh-graders, police said Thursday. Karen Klein, 68, is seen in a 10-minute viral video attempting to ignore the verbal attacks by students on a bus operated by the Greece Central School District, near Rochester, NY Children on the bus hurl repeated insults and threats at the grandmother, calling her fat and at one point suggesting that her children commit suicide. Capt. Steve Chatterton of the Greece Police Department said Klein informed investigators that she will not seek criminal charges against the four students from Athena Middle School in Rochester, NY “Obviously we are upset with what we saw in the video, both as parents and police officers,” Chatterton told reporters during a press conference Thursday afternoon. “But at this time, she has decided she does not want to press criminal charges.” In New York, Chatterton said in order to charge a 13-year-old in Family Court, the alleged crime must a misdemeanor or a 

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25 responses to “Bus Monitor Karen Klein Bullied By School Children”

  1. SpartanBookhead

    Fuck those kids… What the heck is wrong with them! I know, they have fricking daddy problems and they don’t get enough atention so they do this. You know what I want their fucking addresses so I can fuck their faces UP WITH A FUCKING BASEBALL BAT!!!!!!!! God bless Karen Klein.

  2. brobama77

    like this comment so people know to pray for this strong woman. god bless you karen you are amaing

  3. xPato444x

    She’s a bus monitor.

  4. alexusgirl12

    shes workin thro it the kids should not be death threat for this … shes not hurt n i am glad she got all the money n is livein her life but let the kids go thro life too … u dont like it when they do it to her dont do it to them two wrongs dont make a right …

  5. alexusgirl12

    @13bDusty its sad ik

  6. theonlynatasVEVO

    ——————/´ ¯/)
    ——–(‘(———- ¯~/’–‘)

  7. geege66

    Sad to think that there are actually people out there who think this is acceptable behavior of children and even have the audacity to “like” this video. Scary world we live in.

  8. tyleradam7778

    I thought asians were smart? Well kids, u can eat shit and fucking die!

  9. geege66

    It’s an uncontrollable situation. It starts at home, discipline and respect being taught by the parents. Obviously it’s not being done PERIOD!

  10. geege66

    WAAAHHH! If you watch some of the interviews with her, she said that she has done the write ups in the past and they go ignored. So she is probably fighting a losing battle damned if she does damned if she doesn’t.

  11. clogreen88

    How can 26 people like a video like this? I mean at least if you were on the bus take a stand for the lady.also people with all these death threats are just stooping to there level if not lower. Karen have a great vacation and life. God bless your soul

  12. clogreen88

    Also I’m disgusted none of these videos have 100% thumbs down society is slowly imploding

  13. geege66

    Wow I believe you’ve flipped your lid. She never asked for money you twit.

  14. 17superjack

    If i was on tht bus i would walk back there and beat the living hell out of those little pricks. Good for the bus moniter for being the more mature person.

  15. 17superjack

    God those dumbass, disrespectful kids freaking piss me off!

  16. pappermate1000

    This is to the fuckin Fags on the bus u don’t no how bad I want to kick ur asses right now I want to take a bat make u smile and take a swing rite at ur teeth then make them eat the teeth so if u guys want to fight levae me a comment u fuckers

  17. Theryanleo1

    If that was my grandma, i would fuckin lose my mind on these fags!

  18. twilightfreak110886

    How horrible!!!! Video broke my heart. Those kids got the punishment they deserved. I wonder what their parents did after they saw this video. I hope they can teach them better manners

  19. RGestwa

    fucking cunts. that is all. what a shame, what a godamn shame 🙁

  20. msbimia

    You are pathetic and sad. If you were dying on the street, I’d step right over you. Our humanity is not something you can determine by color. I’m betting you’re home polishing your guns, while watching Fox news, all the while screaming the birth certificate is fake. I didn’t think morons like you existed any more. I hope hell has a special vip section for bastards like you. Then you could hang out with your idols Hitler and Rush Limbaugh. What a prick!

  21. Sascha Neunzig

    ach hdf fresse hab mall respext vor kick boxern sinst kannst du direkt auf die fresse kriegen du HURENSOHN

  22. Tina tee

    Someday if they live long enough, they will get Old and maybe even FATTER than the bus monitor. I hope they do live to get 68 or older and remember what they did and regret it even moreso since they would considered old

  23. virusblaster12

    Lets find them?

  24. ustaadabdirahman

    Subhanallah, this is so disturbing video i swear i shed tears when i seen this am still crying as am writing,dam where’s the discipline,empathy and the manners? we lost all of these in here america coz of lack good parents at home, parent are busy at doing nonsense stuff than spending their time teaching their kids the discipline and manner,we gotta step up for bringing this society back on track where our kids idolize us as good parents who’re more respectful,and kind,hope this not happen again

  25. GamingTranceSeer

    I’ve seen good kids turn bad, because they’re around kids who act bad and they start to act like them so it’s not really always the parents’ fault.

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