Bus Monitor Karen Klein Bullied By Vile School Children

A New York bus monitor who was berated and bullied by a group of middle school students will not press charges against the four seventh-graders, police said Thursday. A New York bus monitor who was berated and bullied by a group of middle school students will not press charges against the four seventh-graders, police said Thursday. Karen Klein, 68, is seen in a 10-minute viral video attempting to ignore the verbal attacks by students on a bus operated by the Greece Central School District, near Rochester, NY Children on the bus hurl repeated insults and threats at the grandmother, calling her fat and at one point suggesting that her children commit suicide. Capt. Steve Chatterton of the Greece Police Department said Klein informed investigators that she will not seek criminal charges against the four students from Athena Middle School in Rochester, NY “Obviously we are upset with what we saw in the video, both as parents and police officers,” Chatterton told reporters during a press conference Thursday afternoon. “But at this time, she has decided she does not want to press criminal charges.” In New York, Chatterton said in order to charge a 13-year-old in Family Court, the alleged crime must a misdemeanor or a felony. Harassment is a violation and does not meet that threshold, he said. “So we’re still working … on whether it rose to the level of a crime,” he said, adding that Klein has expressed she’d prefer if school officials mete out punishment. The four boys seen 

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24 responses to “Bus Monitor Karen Klein Bullied By Vile School Children”

  1. dvmac13

    I like to know what bus driver has to say about this he or she should have contacted the school. This is appalling the way some parents raise their children. This starts at HOME..
    They probly talk that way to their parents. Please God help. These kids are supposed to be our future. Show some respect for yourself and your parents. Bring back the Old school Belt.

  2. Rayven Rainey

    for the kids sittin behind her across from her in front of her all hell will break cause i would’ve if i had to i would go Meda on they ass after i do tht they would be scared of me now , next time yall come on the bus i’d shove my foot up yall ass skinny bitches,i bet if i touch yall you would fall with yall only sticks and bones, i bet i can buy yall momma’s for $1 at the dollar Tree

  3. xrsanchezx

    What happened to our children what have created :(((

  4. isszzy1208

    first this is not a funny video second those kids need to be spanked

  5. robert179007

    What is great is this woman is getting a lot of money and someone is gonna recognize these little fucks and beat the shit out of them. This is what happens when government interferes by not allowing parents knuckle up on disrespectful little bastards.

  6. isszzy1208

    they need to be spanked by there parents and made to apologize spoiled brats

  7. kylewatson1989

    What happend to respect. A while ago kids would have never spoken like that. I was brought up to always respect your elders. Obviously the parents never tought them that. Pisses me off,and the fact not one person stood up for her. everyone on that bus can fuck themselves.

  8. BroncosXNumberX1

    Obviously the bus driver should be held accountable above all else for not pulling the bus over and calling an officer (like my bus drivers used to when we were acting like pieces of shit) but seriously, where are the alpha males on this bus? How did no kid tell them to stop. I would have in a second. I would never put up with that shit.

  9. ishotthesherriff100

    these kids r little pussies they deserve to fucking die

  10. limei1000

    they are student but very very idiot y stupid …

  11. Coolyaya12

    If only the world reacted the way we have every time someone gets bullied.. smh..

  12. 5cardinalsrock

    I would have no problem if she had smacked out of them across the face.

  13. missAnNiEbAnNaNiE1

    how could school children be so sick to actually say this, not to mention, post this on the internet. how could you be so cold hearted and disgusting to do this to someone who sits there for hours monitoring the bus. she is doing something kind to people and this is how she is treated? how rude and disgusting. i am in shock.

  14. awm0912

    These kids are a bunch of disrespectful cowards. The parents should be brought to the public square to be humiliated then flogged for raising such losers. I hope the parents live with this stigma for the rest of their miserable lives.

  15. kylewatson1989

    i couldnt agree with you more. not one person helped. goes to show how scared people are these days of confrontation

  16. tylerkent44

    the real problem is with there stupid worthless parents who don’t teach there worthless kids. the parents should be charged then maybe they will step up and do there jobs. this should never happen but sadly it douse because of these parents thinking that somebody else should teach there children not to do this.

  17. Joshenator1213

    well it pisses me off when someone says a 68 year old innocent woman deserved it.

  18. sovereign86200

    Ca vous amuse bande de jeunes insouciants irrespectueux ? :honte:

  19. xAlex257x

    bunch of fucking pussies

  20. benji2261

    These kids need to be laid out on hot cement and whipped.

  21. OliviatheSlave


  22. k9casanova

    I just read the one kid to the right who keeps calling her fat ass is Scott McGregor. His number is 518-469-8206.

  23. 382946rthu

    I hope those little fucks choke on a fat cock and die!

  24. Guhzozz

    @sonicfanatic4949 All Americans are NOT like that, but many children of all countries are very cruel and disrespectful. By attempting to stereotype and condemn all Americans you have only advertised your own ignorance. I feel sorry for you, your comment was on the same level as their childish insults.

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