Camron 2009 Crime Pays!! “just chill” instrumental beat by young balla aka kevin-aye

now Copyrighted this beat is for all those pepole who got stress at work at school with family or whatever close your eyes and just chill camron instrumentals juelz santana jr. writer skull gang lil wayne dipset beat diplomats instrumental down and out killa cam epic muic sample fruity loops rap hip hop heatmakerz just blaze 2009 real niggas get em daddy young1balla harlem beats glitter kenny rogers your way crime pays oh boy ground zero get em girls best cam beat…

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25 responses to “Camron 2009 Crime Pays!! “just chill” instrumental beat by young balla aka kevin-aye”

  1. JohnnyWtF92

    yo whats name? where can i download this?

  2. soupykc

    johnnys gay

  3. JohnnyWtF92

    lol fuck you bitch xD

  4. cspanjunky

    uh.. smoking haze thinking bout back in da dayz hangz wit my ninja drinkn hennesy …

    to be continue

  5. lyrsisttillthedeath1

    who ever said crime dont pay
    there wrong
    jus gotta new benz and escalade
    got them both in the same day
    who can i give thanks for this?
    thee only answers the white,that yay
    fuck it im cursed is this the day?
    cmon bullets hit me cmon take me today
    gotta see my boy hes in the lords arms
    but down here were couped up worse than an animal farm
    i know theres better, i seent it myself
    gotta get the paper do a lil somethen for myself

  6. bpiercewright

    this beat to fuckin hard

  7. bpiercewright

    who rap dis song i cant find it on camron cd

  8. SammytheKilla

    this beat brings peace not like when the bitch brought police h8 to say it i told clear the space now your stuck dealin with the case no hand cuff attached to a briefcase just a couple feinds tryin to fullfil their dreams we gots red dots and triple beams livin the life of a hustlers dream livin the life of a kings scheme the green paper scene growin screen o green higher yields bigger fields in the street whos the one with shields no sign for stop they alreadty know they’re goin up against

  9. SammytheKilla

    -but we just chill out there just to kill it hundered dollar bill it not lookin or feeling just believein that its just a season the breeze came with direction hard to stand wit no protection

  10. bpiercewright

    yo just chill / or get ya cap pilled / chop ya body up, throw in the ocean for the sharks meal yall aint ready / tryin to go steady / see me walkin thru the hood, with a pistol, and a blade big as a machete / how bout havin yo limbs lookin like spagetti / or have ya body lookin like sum fuckin confetti /

  11. MajorMoveEnt

    I believe the guy who posted it made the instrumental. He’s a beatmaker/producer…wtv u wana call it.

  12. SammytheKilla

    been in gun fights to but i had a kitchen knife dude wit a red handle slittin throats breakin noses disconnectin brains for ever whatever make room for better need some water to help the meal out duct tape close his mouth up call his fam up i got ur man yep couple bills get him out tired hearin the screams but love the shouts its like backround music for my house

  13. SammytheKilla

    when momma get home at least we sent flowers gettin off the blood takin showers whers the the blood flow in my vains bro to bad yours is goin down the drain doh relief revive remorse came the pain left how many more cells in my brain left havnt you ever noticed they tell you the opposit of actual effect you only know if you’ve seen it for yourself

  14. D3v0luTi0nX

    if ya just chill/ take a few pills/ bring out the grill/ and cook a few meals/ that’ll be nice, right?/ how about calling my girl tonight/ get the mood lights/ get ready cuz yo pussy’s tight/ but after i’m done it’ll be wide/ haha, i’m just playing/ greens the color that i’m chasin/ looking for some buda or cash flow/ find it and hit the blunt slow/ get yo missin signs up/ i’m lost in this beat, don’t wana get beat up/ i’m in a hood i don’t recognize/ everyone lookin at me know i’m high/ hahaha

  15. washingv

    nicely done

  16. SammytheKilla

    champions only get belts and chumps only get welts its lonely on the top shelf but its easier for ya girls boobs to get felt money brings selfish thoughts i guess thats why we got problems ya know mo money might solve em revolver might divide him leave it all to your next of kin to bad ur girl dont gotta twin im the king we fucked ina queen thrown billy bobs threw screens crushed kittens dreams is it all abour the paper sceen

  17. jonynuemonic


  18. duk3bball91

    sitting in my bed.bed,bed
    thoughts scambled in my head head head
    sometimes feel better off dead dead dead
    but fuck that, the world needs this, ima make a difference.
    2 am comin with some lines, lookin for some insperation
    room is hot perspiration, i have aspiration to be the best
    number 1, the king, not like t.i. but looked up to by nations.
    what am i saying, rambling on and on
    but somwhere here, theres something being done
    ill amount to something one day
    but for now i say k.

  19. otha510

    im down like a left right her love just dosnt feel rigt im like supper man with no air but at the ned of im be all right it me and my money her love is like 3 on one at a gun fight all we do is fight but all i need is me and my money yung ca

  20. TheMochalatte20

    I got to listen to this beat at least three times a day cause it’s so soothing,it gets my mind off of a lot of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hot!!!!!!!!

  21. TheMochalatte20

    oooooh, oooooh, ooooooh, ooooooh, !!!!!!! lol

  22. young1balla

    thats what i thought when i made this beat
    just chill and forget all the stress

    thank you for that comment

  23. TheMochalatte20

    You are very welcome cause it’s artist like you that make me wanna listen to your beats more often, and with that being said, you have good taste in music!!!!!!!!!! fo sho do yo thang baby!!!!!

  24. TheMochalatte20

    Oh yeah and that second beat is hott too!!!!!!!

  25. JohnnyWtF92

    hey young, i have been chillin to this beat for the past month or two. is there anywhere i can get this album? or song? gladly pay for this beat. just need somthin this calm to listen to when im not on the computer xD

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