Cardcaptors Season:1 Episode:2 Partners In Crime Part:1/3 English HQ

Cardcaptors Season:1 Episode:2 Partners In Crime Part:1/3 English HQ Sakura goes to class the next day and finds out that her best friend, Madison, taped Sakura’s first card battle and wants to tape Sakura’s other adventures as well. And on top of that a mysterious shadowy presence is haunting Sakura’s school. Kero tells Sakura it it is Clow Card and when she faces it she finds it will take the full power of her two clow cards and the quick thinking of Madison to seal it. Disclaimer: I don’t own any of this! I’m just a fan.

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25 responses to “Cardcaptors Season:1 Episode:2 Partners In Crime Part:1/3 English HQ”

  1. xXPuddingTarutoXx

    i cracked up laughing when i saw her friend had a video of her flying XD

  2. sergon777

    thei parents let them run off in the middle of the night, someone call the child services.

  3. Daeantra

    I always used to love Kero’s obsession with food. :3

  4. mrchepe91

    thats probably the prettiest shortcut ever lol

  5. Taytaycuppycakes

    haha the look on sakuras face when kero pops out -soooo funny

  6. sfmark89

    isnt that short cut the same route she takes anyway?

  7. mrchepe91

    yeah! its still nice, though

  8. technopixie96

    ha ha lol

  9. xXMunST4RxME0SXx

    She is ALWAYS late. ahaha

  10. lyricsmaster2000

    sakura keeps saying huh in every episode!!

  11. TCOGAK

    Kero’s voice is sooo hilarious XD

  12. Dhesyca

    Its a japenes show and they had to fill in every voice movment thats why she says huh in like every episode

  13. clairefedfield

    youre right, and it’s always way too much

  14. youngninjapro

    I always watched this show when I was younger! I LOVED this show! and I always thought the boy in the green kamono was hot. ^^

  15. tvlord420

    When you think about it, the real funny thing about the show is that this was using juveniles practicing “witchcraft” on the WB before Harry Potter was even around. I’m betting that’s why in the second season with the ” bad guys”, they made him sort of look like Harry Potter. And I do use the term bad guys loosely because they didn’t even do anything really evil or even clichéd, like laughing evilly or anything.

  16. NightRiver16

    When I was about 5 or 6, I always watched this show whenever it came on! It’s nice to watch it again after all these years (:

  17. GoodOld4kids

    me too! i was about 8 or 9 the same time i watched this i watched pokemon..then yugioh…i still do on youtube XD

    this opening is so catchy & cute!^^

  18. Raiowulf

    how could that bitch forget jumping on a giant bird?

  19. stevieg91rules

    my cousin would be so mad when i slept over on fridays because i would wake up early on saturdays to watch these shows and didnt wanna hang out with him untill it was over.

  20. TrainerKat1

    GO KERO!I love him even in this version!^^

  21. Antkid721

    ughh i hate keros voice in the dub

  22. watch2muchtv

    The only thing I like about the japanese epi is they curse. Lol. I don’t like how formal they are . But I like this version much , much better. I also totally feel the same way as Sakura does about the moring !!! I always feel like I’m running late ! Lol.

  23. mrchristianibanez

    hai naku.. this is beautiful

  24. ChaoticVideoCrazy

    HA!!! Flying squirrel!!!

  25. judithsim1

    at 5:02 sakura’s eyes look so funny

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