Cardcaptors Season:1 Episode:2 Partners In Crime Part:2/3 English HQ

Cardcaptors Season:1 Episode:2 Partners In Crime Part:2/3 English HQ Sakura goes to class the next day and finds out that her best friend, Madison, taped Sakura’s first card battle and wants to tape Sakura’s other adventures as well. And on top of that a mysterious shadowy presence is haunting Sakura’s school. Kero tells Sakura it it is Clow Card and when she faces it she finds it will take the full power of her two clow cards and the quick thinking of Madison to seal it. Disclaimer: I don’t own any of this! I’m just a fan.

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25 responses to “Cardcaptors Season:1 Episode:2 Partners In Crime Part:2/3 English HQ”

  1. tudorprincess15

    it’s the eighth episode.

  2. SaiyanShinobi666

    a big red bowtie…….yeh that has serious written all over it -.-

  3. HmmYaThink


  4. myanimeaddict

    episode 6 I think.

  5. awesomelemons22

    wudnt someine notice freaky shadow bodies?

  6. ahsawlap

    how does Sakura not notice the the HUGE pile when she’s approaching,
    it’s kind of hard to miss

  7. xxwowkidxx123

    yea i kno there like on the WALL of the school. u would think some1 would notice lol

  8. peppiecola123

    hahahha as if not everyone is standing around that huge pile

  9. sfmark89

    what do giant piles of random stuff have to do with Shadow?

  10. videofreakboy91

    me too, i also luv it in x men evolution

  11. videofreakboy91

    i thought that angel was the clow card for a sec, i was like i dont rememeber the shadow card looking like dat???

  12. michikodarkkitsune

    I wish I had a friend like Maddison =3 I’d love to have a friend who supplied me with loads of cool outfits.
    I really wish this was still on TV, I was so sad when they stopped showing it,

  13. sweetappleflower

    ive noticed- atleast 1 character in an anime has a rich girl or boy

  14. technopixie96

    Li comes in episode 8

    Meilen comes in episode 20 ( i think )

  15. Stripedpyjamabottoms

    I know I was so sad when they too kit off the air too. 🙁

  16. zombieman000

    lol this is funny

  17. 5instruments1986

    Because the Shadow Card had taken the shadows of the school’s students, and during the night, it trashed the place.

  18. Lyoko012345

    I know if they are rich go to a privet school

  19. Lyoko012345

    hey kiro is a guy shouldent he have stayed out side well sakera was changing?

  20. GoodOld4kids

    i know..i agree with u on both

  21. graypaint

    aw lido kiro in the red bow hehe

  22. iBeuTful

    @technopixie96 i ADORE Meilen xD

  23. twilightsagaddict713

    I LOVE Sakura’s outfit. I wish I had it!

  24. CureGray

    i love sakura’s costume! madison is sooo creative!

  25. TheDjwookie

    yus i gave the 100th 5star rate yus yus yush!

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