Cardcaptors Season:1 Episode:2 Partners In Crime Part:3/3 English HQ

Cardcaptors Season:1 Episode:2 Partners In Crime Part:3/3 English HQ Sakura goes to class the next day and finds out that her best friend, Madison, taped Sakura’s first card battle and wants to tape Sakura’s other adventures as well. And on top of that a mysterious shadowy presence is haunting Sakura’s school. Kero tells Sakura it it is Clow Card and when she faces it she finds it will take the full power of her two clow cards and the quick thinking of Madison to seal it. Disclaimer: I don’t own any of this! I’m just a fan.

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25 responses to “Cardcaptors Season:1 Episode:2 Partners In Crime Part:3/3 English HQ”

  1. deathsend64

    shadow card iz da bomb!!!!!!

  2. chika231244

    i havent watched this show in forever and i luv it! <3 <3

  3. tiastarbreeze

    wow such a bad pun… *facepalm*

  4. HmmYaThink

    ooo i liek that release and dipell thing she said! uhm
    why do they call her sah kur rah instead of sah-ku-ra lol if u know what i mean o well sahkurah sounds good to when they characters in this show say it

  5. spartacat45678


  6. SuperJuniorSungMin

    too bad i dont have the same outfits

  7. brownboom


  8. DXAB91

    man the shadow card is my favorite card

  9. 101388ejd

    She’s not a superhero, she’s a sorceress

  10. 101388ejd

    How could nobody notice what’s happening at the school and how could Sakura, Madison and Kero be the only ones outside in the whole city?

  11. webrider360

    This reminds me the time of when pokemon jhoto in kids wb

  12. Daeantra

    No offense, but how could a girl break inside the school, turn every light on, and have nobody notice?

    Ah well, at least it’s a good show. :3

  13. Deemon5220

    Woah! About 2:09, what’s with the Doctor Who sound effects?!

  14. Sygmus6

    To be honest, I think I prefer Madison/Tomoyo as a film enthusiast instead of being madly in love with her friend Sakura.

  15. cutesiepie14

    Anyone else notice that there chins are really big?
    they have really high mouths!

  16. yzer12

    i want to see the both of them in a bikini bc they ill be hot

  17. CutePig101

    At 5:17 kiro has a fat stomach! 😀

  18. 18togepi

    because everyones gone home probley.

  19. tvlord420

    Yzer12: Dude, you know the characters are supposed to be like barely teenagers, right?

  20. whateveru2guys

    @Daeantra it was night peeps asleep

  21. ChiChiProuductions

    @tvlord420 No There Supposed To Be Like 10,11, or 12. Like 1,2, or 3 years before teenage hood.

  22. elementatrix

    @whateveru2guys you dont know they were asleep

  23. Bairindo

    shadow duz seem real powerful

  24. Orangesocksburst

    w how sweet bless her for even putting Cero’s corner on good times takes me back when i was in primary school

  25. malosalele

    love this show

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