Cas Walker message to shoppers

Cas Walker has some kind words for shopper and some advice for thieves.

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25 responses to “Cas Walker message to shoppers”

  1. rockyraccoon1979

    I can barely remember Cas Walker’s stores. My grandmother used to shop there all the time and those stamps they had you collected and got free stuff. You all are right, Cas Walker was THE MAN and actually still is in so many ways. I did get to meet him one time at Ciderville Music Store not too long before he died. He was the nicest guy you could ever meet but like in this video, he sure didn’t care to speak his mind. We miss you Cas but you’ll never be forgotten

  2. bubbiesdad

    Lots of stores gave out stamps in those days, Cas Walker had a redemption center insdie the store in our town. He was always having different contests where he would give stuff away. Mostly CA$H.

  3. brreed82

    lol, shame they dont make em’ like those two anymore!

  4. bevbrooks2000

    I remember Cas Walker, but the funniest thing was my mother talking about one year they got in a really good crop of fresh pecans, or walnuts or something – anyhow, one day they announced that “Cas Walker’s got the best nuts in town…”

  5. badpappy

    Use to watch him and Dolly every morning at 6:30 AM!


    This is the funniest video I have seen!

  7. AJWinstead89

    The Man…nuf said lol

  8. hillbillyvol

    There is a myspace page dedicated to this guy. Whenever we had a new employee come from another part of the country, I would always tell them to watch the “Farm and Home Hour” and they would see something very unique! LMAO

  9. ecnaru

    Anyone remember the “Watchdog”?

  10. robhoneycutt

    I remember those Cas Walker Supermarket ads from when I was 8 or 9 years old. This guy looks and sounds exactly like my great grandfather.

  11. ecnaru

    I believe that Cas broadcast this in response to the “Gypsies”. In the 1970s they robbed his Central Ave. store and made off with about 15 thousand in cash. Cas was mad about that for years.

  12. dixiedreams202

    My dear aunt ran her car right through the glass panes in front of one of his stores!!

  13. toober529

    Look at those hands! The man looks like he’d had a hard life.

  14. imapolygirl

    That old racist rascal was certainly a force to be reckoned with! I was just a kid when he was doing all that, but I remember people protesting in front of his store that served the African American community because his prices were higher there than in his other stores.

  15. alawson2

    I was born in1957 and lived until 1979 in Knoxville . My family shopped at the “Sign Of The Shears” all those years. I can still sing the “Thumpin’ Good” watermelon commercial by heart too! Cas Walker was a “one-of-a-kind”

    “Thumpin’ good, thumpin’ good.
    Cas Walker’s melons are thumpin’ good!
    Big and ripe, ready to eat,
    Cool, deliscious, and so sweet!
    Cas Walker’s melons are thumpin’ good !
    They are thumpin’ good,
    They are thumpin; good!

  16. alawson2

    That paper was too much! I remember it! Cas used to publish the pictures of shop lifters from his store in it…..

  17. votenolibs2012

    A time when Men were Men. Cas Walker for President we need him now more than ever!

  18. us441south


    Farm hand, coal miner, politician, millionaire grocery owner.

  19. phattskis

    Instead of Thumpin’ good, Cas is telling us to “Thump ‘EM Good!!” hahaha great post full of memories. I remember the yellow feet prints in the parking lots from my youth. RIP Cas–a true Knoxvillian

  20. darkfind1

    i new old cas through my dad . they coon hunted a lot together. he was a self made man.

  21. Bramicus

    You tell them young whipper-snappers, by crackey!

  22. geminisoup

    Whoop hell outta the thieves in DC and keep ’em from taking our pocketbooks! Cas made history by being an HONEST businessman and a true statesman. We need more like him! Cas, God rest your brave, dignified soul….you are sorely missed here.

  23. mrxjiggypuffable

    I laugh harder every time I watch this. I can barely remember the Cas Walker show growing it, I wasn’t old enough to appreciate it ….classic East Tennessee Character how funny . That is rich.

  24. sherriesha

    I knew Cas in 1976 ,geat guy ,he is kin to me.cuz uncle.

  25. amkaplan

    Good ol’ Cas. I’m still lookin’ for video of the “Thumpin’ Good” ad with the kid eating watermelon.

    I can’t figure out why the suggested videos at right would have one about breastfeeding at the top. Wonder what Cas would say? Yeehaw!!

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